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My first IF today

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  • My first IF today

    I'm fairly new to this forum. In December, I started eating low carb (Atkins.) At the time, I referred to the way I was going about it as a "whole and natural" approach That basically means no sugar alcohols, no artificial sweeteners, no intent to ever return to grains/legumes (even though all of these are allowed on Atkins.) So, when I learned about Primal, it fit perfectly with how I was going about things in terms of eating. So far, I've lost 51 pounds. After reading Primal Blueprint, I added in other Primal lifestyle changes, as well, such as the types of exercise Mark discusses, being better about proper rest, etc.

    One thing I decided to try is the intermittent fasting. Today is the first time I've tried it. While I'm not dealing with all the hypoglycemia issues I used to experience before changing my eating, I do have to say the I am hungry and definitely looking forward to when I eat again. That will be tonight, as I opted for a 24 hour fast starting after last night's dinner.

    So, do other people find that they are pretty hungry when they do an IF? I got the impression (perhaps wrongly) that I shouldn't be feeling hungry.

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    Our bodies secret the hormone grehlin at times that we're used to eating and that registers as hunger and a signal that you should eat. One of the first things that you learn when you start IFing is the difference between psychological and physiological hunger. Your body is more than capable of going for 24 hours without food but it takes a while to get used to doing it. So yes, feeling hungry is going to happen.


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      Of course you will feel hungry. You will likely feel very hungry, perhaps even uncomfortably so. Supposedly you get used to it after IFing consistently for a few weeks. I never did. For example, IFing more than once or twice a week was not good for me. I do not respond well to the stress and the increased epinephrine (a result of fasting) as my job is already terribly stressful. I only skip breakfast because I'm not hungry.

      Good luck.


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        My advice is that if you want to IF relax, drink some water and know that you're going to be just fine. Your mind can control when you want to eat. If you find that IF stresses you out and then don't do it at least for a while.


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          when i IF, there are periods throughout the day that i feel crazy hungry!!! I find drinking tea and water helps the "hunger" go away and I keep myself busy. I usually fast on a work day, since it's easier to fast then. The hunger comes and goes though. I've been fasting for about 2 years now. I also like lemon or lime juice in my water.


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            Thanks to you all. I was wondering if perhaps at least some of the hunger was based on hunger cues related to my normal eating times. I typically eat breakfast, lunch, dinner - no snacks or anything else. I'm not extremely uncomfortable, nor do I feel it's a big stressor on me, so that part is good. I'm simply hungry, but not famished or feeling desperate or anything like that. I am interested in doing this again if the rest of today goes well, which I expect it should.

            Glad to know this is normal.