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    Ever since I switched to the baking soda acv hair washing routine my hair never really gets greasy anymore, but after a while of not washing it it will get stringy-looking. That's usually when I just wash it again, but since removing grease isn't the issue I wonder; is there anything else I can do to revitalize my hair when it gets stringy-looking aside from an actual wash?

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    I have been having the same issue. I found a mild shampoo without a lot of additives. I mix one little drop in my hand an give it a quick run thru my hair. I do that once every 2-3 weeks just to kinda refresh my hair. I cringe when I think about how much shampoo I use to use daily.


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      A couple of egg yolks. Just use them like shampoo, but be careful to rinse in cool water!


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        Once a week mash some avocado in your hair.its a great moisturiser. My hair has gotten a lot of body to it since beginning that. Also make a rinse by steeping a sprig of rosemary.keep it in the fridge to keep it from going bad. Too much acv & baking soda was making ny hair dry & stringy.once w week seems more than enough for me. When its super hot ( every day in tx it seems lately) I use one of the other two methods or just rinse in cold water.


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          I use coconut oil once a week sometimes every 2 weeks depending how my hair is feeling. I got very short hair so it's easy to just rub scalp with just water and be done with it.
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            I use coconut oil in my hair every time I shower. I put a bit on after getting out of the shower, comb it through, and my hair is luxuriously soft, and shiny. Not to mention my co-workers follow me around smelling my hair and saying "mmmmmm goooooooood". Very creepy, but still a compliment.