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Veggies today arent what they used to be.....

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  • Veggies today arent what they used to be.....

    Today's Vegetables Are Lower in Nutrients -

    Really? <sarcasm> Derrrrrr.

    [Article linked above is about the difference in nutrition between vegetables grown around 1955 as compared to vegetables grown around 2000]

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    It's even worse when you compare the nutrient content from 1930s study by the Agra dept to 1990, they found that veggies had 1/4 the nutrients, imagine where we are now....
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      Sickening. I try to grow as much as I can from heirloom varieties, but Im still fairly new to gardening/farming.


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        Not really that surprising.

        It doesn't really matter whether it's through genetic engineering or selective breeding, but over the years human agriculture has forced nature's evolutionary hand on both our animal and plant products. That itself isn't the problem - genetic engineering or selective breeding *could* be used to increase the nutrient content/health value of our foods, if used properly. However, generally in the business world our food plants and animals are engineered, or selected for traits that translate into profit, namely yield, and/or flavor properties that consumers find desirable.

        Ultimately, if plants/animals are being engineered/bred for raw output, other traits, such as nutrition, naturally are de-emphasized. Though it might even be more severe than that - if an animal/plant is yielding twice as much meat/fruit/vegetable without twice the food/water, it probably means that whatever nutrients are in the final product are more dilute - thus making decreased nutrition perhaps an almost-unaviodable byproduct of emphasizing yield above all else.


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          It might not help, but this is why I take 10 capsules of organic supergreens daily. I figured my fruit and veg wouldn't contribute much.


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            Selective breeding or GMO aren't the problem. Its farming technique. If the way you farm sucks all the nutirents out of the soil and inhibits nutrient replenishment, then the plants have no way to get the nutrients.

            Monoculture and artificial fertiliser rather than natural fertilisation are the chief culprits here. We have to nurture the soil
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              peril----right-----build your soil and your produce will provide good nutrition. Do it naturally. Takes time, but not all that much, and it is worth it.
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                Your right, the soil is crap now after industrial farming. Also consider that some conventional produce is coming from other countries, picked before it is ready and shipped to us, sometimes thousands of miles. That is where organic farming fits in, their methods at least make the soil healthy and through that their produce is healthier. America needs to bring the farming industry back to where it was 50+ years ago. Stop feeding the large farms government money to produce GMO crops and surplus of them at that. A US Farm Bill overhaul in 2012 will help, if enough people show interest to make a change, but things for sure need a change.