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Elevated Blood lipids , 20yo male??? Is this normal?

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  • Elevated Blood lipids , 20yo male??? Is this normal?

    20 year old male here, I made the switch to primal about 2.5 months ago. I was in the chronic cardio high carb low fat camp for a while. I was never overweight but I was thin as a rail. Since switching to primal I feel SO much better, I've been putting on lean mass and have gotten a lot more toned, I have more energy as well. I'm currently 5'9 143lb.

    Here's the thing though. I recently went in for my yearly physical, and since I was a new patient the doc wanted me to have some blood work done. Physical was normal..but tests came back, if i remember right everything else was normal, except my blood lipids were elevated. I was kind of confused , considering I've been heating healthy, whole foods. My body composition and weight just didn't really correlate with it. I remember reading a thing or two about this being normal back when i was reading up on primal/paleo diet so I didn't give it that much thought. The office lady asked if I wanted a follow up appointment with my doc to discuss my elevated lipids. I remembered having blood work done a year or so earlier for a study i volunteered for and everything came normal, no elevated lipids though, so I told her that it was probably due to my high fat moderate protein low carb ( in comparison to SAD ) diet and declined. Still, she persisted and she even suggested that I may need medications to treat them ( seriously? ).

    I told my mom, and she's kind of worried. Like i said I thought i remembered reading about this when making the switch, but it's almost confusing and hard going against the grain and everything we've been led to believe by the media. I guess what I'm asking for is some sort of reassurance. Are elevated blood lipids normal when on the primal diet?

    ps. I don't have the exact lab result numbers with me.

    I'm not chugging down tablespoons of oil or whole sticks of butter. I usually eat 2-3 slices of bacon and 3 eggs fried in the bacon fat for breakfast, with half coconut milk/ half whole milk. Lunch is usually a large veggie salad with tuna or tilapia or fish and a whole avocado. I snack on cashews and almonds and blueberries, and for dinner usually some chicken breasts or fish fried in avocado or olive oil with veggies and a potato.

    I usually sprint (30min ) every 7 or 8 days. and do some resistance training every other day (1hr).

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    There are people on this site that are well versed on these blood tests and could help you out. Can you get the numbers?


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        I picked up my tests from the docs office today and i managed to find the old blood test from when i was a CW cardio freak. Here they are.

        CW , low fat + 1hr cardio /day x 6 :

        Cholesterol, Total : 156
        HDL Cholesterol : 51
        LDL: 86
        Trig: 95
        Glucose 84

        2 months Primal + 30min sprints x 1 + 1hr resistance training x 3 - 4

        Cholesterol, Total: 241
        HDL Cholesterol : 74
        Trig: 61
        LDL: 155
        Glucose: 76

        I see improvement in my triglycerides and HDL, but is my HDL supposed to be that high?? and is my LDL supposed to be that low? :3


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          Nothing wrong with those numbers....
          Lifting Journal


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            Cholesterol and Heart Disease - YouTube


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              Google Iranian Formula, LDL numbers are "calculated" and are not valid for those with low triglyceride. You're Ok, HDL went up too. LDL is actually 129.

              Here's an online calculator for LDL
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                Your latest numbers look very good. High total cholesterol or LDL is only a worry if your LDL is pattern B. With your good trigs and HDL you are almost certainly pattern A so have nothing about which to worry
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