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  • Sunlight question

    I've been reading up on MDA about how important getting some sunlight in your day is and was wondering how much skin needs to be exposed. If you where to go for a 30 min walk in jeans and a T-shirt with just your arms uncovered would that be sufficient. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Depends on time of day, time of the year, lattitude, weather, the ozone layer, your skin type ETC. But no I would imagine arm exposure for 30 min wouldn't be enough for most people to get sufficient vitamin D. Even if 30 min was just enough, a single cloudy day or day with no sun exposure would leave you deficient. I'm a guy so I just take my shirt off when I go for a walk and the sun is shining, or I'll wear shorts and a tank-top, or sunbathe in a secluded area in my undies.


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      Welcome to the forum Augie.

      Personally, I get about 30 minutes of sunlight exposure around solar noon most days of the week, just on my arms like you describe, but I also take supplemental vitamin D on these days. On weekends I try to get about 30 minutes of exposure wearing just shorts.

      Ideally, you should have your vitamin D level checked whenever you get bloodwork done so you know if you are deficient. If you are, start supplementing and get tested again a few months later to see if you need to raise or lower your dose.

      This website has some good info: Vitamin D Council > About vitamin D > How to get your vitamin D > UVB exposure: sunlight and indoor tanning


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        Thanks, I'm in Austin, Tx so clouds aren't to much of a problem. Currently taking a vitamin D sup but it's with my calcium sup. Trying to replace that with more leffy greens but then was worried about not getting the vit D. Just started so trying to put all the parts together. I'm skinny and pale so walking around without a shirt is a little embarrassing but that can be gotten over.


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          I bet smoke clouds from the fires are a problem right now in Austin - I hope you and yours are safe.
          I'm in Buffalo, NY. Clouds are a daily "problem" for me. Does anyone know if light boxes (desk top) are good for getting the vitamin D?


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            I think the light boxes need to put out UVB (or maybe UVA, I guess I don't really know) but it's almost like a tanning bed, in order to produce Vit D.

            Augie, you can probably start with about 10 minutes with your shirt off. A pale-skinned guy in Austin during this time of year? The goal is sun exposure without burning. Don't over-do it.

            Also, Vitamin D can be stored up, at least a bit. A few cloudy days are not usually going to drop your levels significantly.