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Our Meetup group made the paper!

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  • Our Meetup group made the paper!

    I'm not entirely happy with the way we were portrayed, but it could have been MUCH worse! Be sure to read the comments.

    The RiverFront Times
    - Primal Living StL Meetup group

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    I think the comments more than make up for any of the article's shortcomings. Lots of good support from the Primal community!
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      Congrats on getting the media's attention! And the comments....what is it about the thought of primal living that makes some people go apeshit?
      I'm retraining and strengthening my taste buds, one primal meal at a time.


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        Questioning what they've been doing all their lives is get angry instead of trying something new.

        The comments are FANTASTIC! I'm so happy to see so many folks coming out of the woodwork and gently 'correcting' the naysayers!
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          Pretty fun article. The author has that rare voice of genuine ambivalence coated in interesting.
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            Your group sounds like fun!
            My favorite comeback from the comments section: "Paleo is macronutrient agnostic. We've got nothing against carbs, just garbage carbs."
            While the writer was skeptical and a little snarky, I think you'll get people thinking!


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              If I remember correctly the author is an acquaintance of a member, we can at least be thankful there wasn't a total negative spin on the whole thing. Yes, one of the comments is mine, I couldn't help myself...

              We do have a fantastic group! We've all been a big support for one another plus we have a lot of fun! I'm very fortunate to be a part of it.
              - Primal Living StL Meetup group


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                Originally posted by fitmom View Post
                While the writer was skeptical and a little snarky,
                Snarky skepticism is the default voice of all journalists portraying something they've not heard of. I think it's the first thing they're taught in J school.
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                  And I can say I got involved before the group got all big time in the paper!

                  (Sure it was just the night before, but still.....)
                  Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....