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Advice - Bloating and No Weight Loss

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  • Advice - Bloating and No Weight Loss

    After discovering the benefits of the Primal Blueprint I recommended my parents give it a go, typical food intake with sandwiches, vegetable oils and not enough fiberous vegetables.

    On the one hand my Dad has lost on average just under 3 kilos a week and is feeling loads healthier, on the other hand my Mum hasn't lost anything and is bloated all the time.
    They've being doing primal 90%+ for just over three weeks, the only vices really being a red wine in the evening.

    They are both eating very similar foods:

    Breakfast - Bacon and Mushrooms or breakfast muffinssimilar to these

    Lunch - Chicken Salad

    Dinner - Typically meat and fiberous veg.

    Her complaints are that its too much meat (she is getting fed up of bacon ) and is now threatening to go back to toast for breakfast.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why she's just physically not taking to it and any suggestions to see what she could try to keep primal going?

    On a note she is very limited in what exercise she can do due to a restrictive back issue, walking is about the extent but not for long periods of time.
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    How many years have they been eating the standard American diet? Do they expect a cure in three weeks? Get them to relax and give it at least a month. It often takes that long or longer for your body to heal to a point where weight loss can occur.


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      I was like your Mom the first time I tried Atkins and low carb.

      Hated it. Miserable. My sweet tooth never went away.

      When I started Paleo I had to eat caveman cereal. I mixed nuts, coconut shavings, and splenda in Mootpia. That was great for a few weeks.

      Then my sweet tooth started to disappear. I went from drinking 20+ 20oz Diet Mountain Dews to water. I know. I know. In my defense, the only people who ever taught me to eat were lineman coaches. I thought it was normal to eat a loaf of bread and a chicken for lunch everyday.

      Shop some recipes for her. As time goes on, she will notice changes. The less she cheats, the faster they start to fall in line.

      But paleo/primal isn't meant to be a jail sentence. I eat better (in all ways) now than I ever did before it. If she is miserable, she wont ever get to that point.


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        She may need to drop the bacon & just have eggs for awhile. She shouldn't eat foods she doesn't like.

        Also, beef & lamb will have a better omega 3 profile than poultry or pork--less omega 6, less inflammation.

        If she has trouble digesting FODMAPS (like me), the mushrooms and some of her fruits & veggies may be causing the bloating.

        This article may also be helpful for the bloating:

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          I don't know why there is such an emphasis on bacon. I don't eat a lot of bacon. Have her try other things for breakfast.