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Please I doing this all wrong?



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  • Please I doing this all wrong?

    I started eating primal on July 11th of this year and for the most part I do feel better. I started this program because I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome a few months back and also insulin resistance and I'm about 30-40 lbs over weight. For the last few years I have suffered from migraines and headaches that I felt were brought upon from eating sugar (even fruit sugar) or not having enough sugar. If I ate sugar or grains I would get a migraine, and if I let myself go awhile without eating...especially something sweet I would feel like my sugar dropped really low (feel sweaty, and confused, and get a migraine). Basically I was feeling hypoglycemic, even though my fasting glucose was always normal about 76-80. So I am assume I was sufferering from reactive hypoglycemia.

    So my question is this...I keep reading about people who stopped getting migraines after switching to this long does it take for them to subside? I was very strict the first month on the plan (but allowed a small amount of fruit sugar) lost 12 pounds...and still got a migraine about 1x per week. Then since the first part of September..I have been sliding on the weekends and have to start over during the week. Now during the week I have 1-2 migraines. I feel like any little small tiny bit of sugar/starch/or alcohol sends me back into migraine mode. Is this why I still have migraines because I'm not being strict on the plan and my sugar is still out of whack? If this diet can help reverse insulin resistance how long will it take? Should I be strictly primal with no wheat/sugar (even fruit sugar)...and for how long? I just feel like nothing is helping! Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Marks book is very helpful with this. Have you had a chance to read it yet? Dedication I think is key.. and then the more you follow program the more sensitive to poison.

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      Mine didn't change much at first, but then again, it's monsoon season out here, and drops in barometric pressure are one of my more brutal triggers. Now it's really starting to change, and it probably took about 4 months to really see tangible results.

      You talk about the drops in blood sugar and ensuing headaches, though. I used to get those ALL the time. The Boyfriend is one of those people that can skip a meal and not think twice. We'd have a big breakfast and then he wouldn't even think about eating again until late in the afternoon. I would get cranky and my head would start to pound, so he knew I just couldn't go that long without food.

      Now it's totally different. That part changed pretty quickly. I can have the big breakfast (huge omelette instead of pancakes) and then I don't need to eat again until dinner. There's no sugar drop to make my head pound or make me irritated.

      In addition to dropping sugar, the other thing I have found that helps ditch the migraines is to supplement with magnesium. I take about 1,000 mg every day and it really seems to help. Others have had succes with it as well, and my boss's doc told her the same thing.

      Also, make sure you're getting a decent amount of quality sleep.


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        There may be a different food that is a specific trigger that youre still eating. For example, Mark in his articles says that fermented soy (such as miso, tempeh, and soy sauce) can be ok for some people in terms of PB. However, when I tried adding it back into my diet, I noticed right away that I felt really crappy and got headaches about 20 minutes after eating it. Not migraine-level (i used to get those too) but enough that ive decided to cut those things from my diet as well. Which is sad, cause I love miso soup.
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          You could also have a food allergy to something unsuspecting like asparagus or tomatoes that is triggering them? (More likely culprits are eggs, milk, chocolate, etc.)
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            Thanks everyone for the tips! So should I eliminate fruit sugars for now until I feel like my blood sugar is more stable or should I eat fruit sugars to help with feeling of low blood sugar? Some programs I have looked at for low blood sugar says to eat more complex carbs, and others say to stay away from them. Not sure what the primal program would say in this instance...?