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FDA Officially Unconcerned that Crestor Causes Diabetes

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  • FDA Officially Unconcerned that Crestor Causes Diabetes

    a. Crestor causes diabetes

    b. Diabetes leads to heart disease

    Therefore, take Crestor to cure heart disease. That's FDA's and Big Pharma's logic:

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    Looks like the diabetes business needed a boost!

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      I&#39;m reading Trick and Treat by Berry Groves right now and he&#39;s talking about that topic too. It&#39;s very depressing to know that unless you yourself don&#39;t go out there and get information yourself, they will most likely trick you into thinking it&#39;s perfectly safe and even beneficial.

      Berry also writes about the fact that many women are now advised to remove their breasts even if they are completely healthy just to prevent a possible breast cancer in the future. WHAT?

      My guess is that having everyone to have diabetes as a result of taking this drug is a pretty profitable thing to have too, so why not?


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        "Looks like the diabetes business needed a boost! ".

        Yes, because we don&#39;t have enought of a diabetes problem in United States It seems like the fuller the pockets of the pharma industry, the more they stretch out and want more $.


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          That issue of breast removal is oversimplified if that&#39;s what he actually said.

          What&#39;s been happening is that scientists discovered a gene (BRACA)that seems to run in families. It causes a particularly aggressive cancer in young women (30s-early 40s)that is almost always fatal.

          Women who have cancer clusters in their family are now opting to test to see if they have this gene. If they do, they can request removal of breasts (and often ovaries as well) because if they have the gene, they are almost certainly going to develop this virulent cancer.

          Some women have the surgery, but some don&#39;t. And some choose not to even be tested. It&#39;s a personal matter, and I don&#39;t think anyone can judge the choice a woman makes in such a situation.

          Personally, if I were had the gene, I&#39;d prefer to lose my breasts rather than my life.