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Sore throat remedy please?

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    I totally agree with Adrian.


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      What works for me is raw honey. Its got antibacterial properties etc. And it soothes my throat. Meat stock also helps.


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        I took a tbsp of coconut oil every time my throat got sore last year and it helped. Sorta let it just ooze down your throat.
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          The salt water gargle can work -- 1/4 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water. Cool to warm water. Not hot. It bathes your throat in an essentially isotonic solution and helps keep it moist. I've never been a big fan. Good broth is probably similar and also tastes better.

          Lately I've used elderberry syrup, but it is made with honey.
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            I amgoing to try some of theseand report back. My throat is killing me. Maybe I should start with the whiskey


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              You can have 1 spoon of honey mix with ginger juice. But it should be taken once a day because itís very strong.Its an effective sore throat remedy


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                Originally posted by Grizz View Post

                I totally agree with Adrian.

                However, after 3 days at 15,000 IU then stay on 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 for 3 months, & get your blood tested to verify your ng/ml level is at 70 to 80. Adjust your dosage as required, each 1,000 IU change will adjust your blood level by 10.
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                Unless you get a LOT of direct sunshine you will need Vitamin D3 supplements for life.

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                  I'm sorry you feel so awful still. We use grapefruit seed extract syrup, just a few drops, in a small amount of clean water, just tap temp, and gargle gently as far back as you can. The stuff is bitter as hell, but we like the effect. Then we stick a Thayer's Slippery Elm tablet in a cheek to dissolve slowly and coat the throat - cherry is our fave flavor by far.

                  For a sore throat caused by post-nasal drip, I use a Sudafed... I hate sore throats with a passion and am not above killing that variety with drugs.

                  If this lasts too much longer, or gets worse, I would go see the doc - sometimes strep is the cause.

                  Hope you feel better soon!
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                    everyone i know recommends the good ol "hot tottie" and a good nights sleep.
                    Hot Tottie Recipe to Make to Help You Feel Better!


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