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Cure for C.F.S?

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  • Cure for C.F.S?

    A few days ago this was published. Two Norwegian doctors stumbled upon something they think may be the cure for CFS.

    Norwegian research breakthrough can solve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) mystery*|* TV 2 Nyhetene
    It turns out that common sense is not as common as we thought.

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    After having seen the effect which Rituximab produced in the majority of the patients in the study, their theory is that CFS is an autoimmune decease.

    In short that means that the body’s own immune system attacks the body’s own cells.
    Makes a lot of sense, since EVERY OTHER HORRIBLE THING that seems to happen to us also seems to be tied to inflammation, which is tied to immune disorders.

    The paper is published in PLoS ONE which means that its free access for anyone, fyi, so you dont have to take this science-journalism article at face value (although this seems to be a better science article than we get here in the US :P)

    Edit: Here is the direct link
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