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More Gas NOW than before!?

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  • More Gas NOW than before!?

    Excuse the topic- but I have to ask!

    Background: I am 23, female, 5'5" and 118 pounds. I have been doing Primal (plus no dairy) for a month. I didn't start it to lose weight, but instead hoping to correct hormones (PCOS).

    I started out with more nuts and seeds and fruit- but still pretty Low Carb. In the past two weeks I have transitioned to mainly just Meat, Veggies, Good Fats and Coconut Products. No more than one serving of nuts and fruit a day. Also one cup of coffee in the morning (which is a cutback from before).

    From nearly the beginning - I have had horrible gas that I never had before. I used to eat yogurt, ezekiel bread, cheese, beans, etc without any form of gas. Now I cannot go one day without serious problems.

    Does anyone have any advice on this? Or did anyone experience a similar situation?

    Other points:

    I feel that I probably have some candida overgrowth which is another reason that I have further refined the diet. But I think it has improved over the course of the last two weeks- the gas has not.

    Out of desperation I looked up FODMAP the other day and realized I had been eating a ton of onions with many meals- in the past two days I have cut them out- still no improvement- however I did have some peas.... Could I really be having serious FODMAP issues now that I eat Primal?! Whereas it was never a problem before? I had a pretty health diet before, too. Plenty of veggies- not a lot of sugar etc.

    I cut out eggs in the last two days out of curiosity- still no improvement.

    Also, I have been taking a probiotic, and some enzymes from my PCOS natural supplements, I also used to drink a TON of kombucha- in my life before Primal- but weaned myself down in the last month fearing it was feeding candida. I also used to eat greek yogurt as a staple- twice a day- now I don't have those probiotics.

    Ok... Any help would be much appreciated. Because, though I really do agree with the tenants of this lifestyle- it is very hard to justify continuing when I literally had NO IBS symptoms before- and now I am offensively Gassy!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Any change in your diet can cause immediate GI changes (bloating, gas, etc). It may take a while before your body normalizes to the changes.


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      Try cutting out, or at least way back, on the coconut. It's really high in fiber but also hard for some people to digest. Also, fat can take a while to adjust to, if you weren't eating much before. Scale it back a little bit then slowly up your intake.
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        If you think you have candida, the changes could be leading to faster candida die off, which could be the reason you have the gas.

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          Thanks guys- still having issues- but trying out some more. I'll update soon!


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            I'll agree with Nutmeg - bacteria die-off can make for some serious gas. I'm taking 2 antibiotics right now and the first 3 days were a virtual Fart Fest, but now it's getting back to normal. It shouldn't be forever.

            The others are right too, though. If you add in fat or fiber, you can get a lot of gas, and any dietary changes will take some time for your body to adjust to.