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Primal for thyroid/sjogrens syndrome, senior

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  • Primal for thyroid/sjogrens syndrome, senior

    Hi. I am going to be taking my 66 yr old MIL away for a health retreat. She is a mess! Background- thyroid issues, sjogrens syndrome, candida, varicose veins, nodular amyloids, unhealing leg sores, STRESS!! Alchoholic husband.... she is a caregiver, little miss save the world, ignores herself. Thus I am stealing her and taking her from all of the stress and going to a warm place for a month.(Minnesota is cold already) Yes, she has doctor approval and is taking care of what needs to before we leave. She is a Major sugar junky, bread junky, carb junky. She is committed to this change and looking forward to it. Have any of you found the thyroid improves on primal? Do all the healthy fats help Sjogrens?
    I need encouragement to take on this endeavor, to be away from my husband and children for a month, to make proper choices for mom. Any advice is welcome. Thanks so much!

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    RE:thyroid - Personally my thyroid was so far gone that repairing it was not really an option. I do have improved energy on primal and my sleep has improved but I have found that I still need my meds.


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      Yes, my thyroid nodules have calmed down. Coconut oil every day.


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        Oh, man! This is gonna be SO excellent for her.

        I'm not aware of anyone here with Sjögren's specifically, but it is under the autoimmune disease umbrella, and we've seen massive improvement in all the myriad AI disorders on Primal. I'm one of them. (I have lupus and my hypothyroid is also autoimmune in origin as well.) There are so many other women here as well; it's not just me.

        +1 on the comment about coconut oil.

        I'm excited about this.
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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          I've seen a massive improvement in my hypothyroidism symptoms, but I'd only had the issue for about 5 years. I'm 40 so your MIL has had a lot more years of taking damage. I probably have some functioning thyroid tissue left. The chronic swelling is gone. My energy level is better. I tolerate heat and cold where I couldn't before. My hair is growing back. I've even lost a little weight without actually trying and totally slacking on exercise. I've been taking care of my father through his last months of cancer so my habits have been pretty bad. I've been sticking to primal but with lower quality food, not a care at all for portion control, and more wine than is advisable. I've barely exercised. I'm like veal right now. Before primal, a few months like that would've meant huge weight gain. I'm not weighing myself, but I'm noticeably leaner than I was a few months ago. I'm going to need to go shopping soon.

          If her hypothyroidism is autoimmune like mine (like most people's) then even if she doesn't see an uptick in thyroid function by eliminating autoimmune trigger foods, she's protecting the rest of her body, and I bet she's just going to feel a lot better. If I have a moderate gluten exposure, like some soy sauce, my hands swell and my joints ache. I was feeling like that all the time before. It had become my normal. Plus, autoimmune conditions often progress to affect multiple systems in the body. My mom started with autoimmune hypothyroidism, then it was adrenal insufficiency. The last one was vasculitis. By the time they'd figured it out, she was so weakened she had a heart attack and died in the hospital. She was only 67. The last year of her life, she was more frail than many people I've known in their 80s.

          Our current mode of medicine in the US doesn't know what to do with autoimmune conditions. They treat the symptoms. They replace your hormones and give you anti-inflammatory medication. In extreme cases, they give you immune suppressants which come with their own share of negative consequences. I started seeking out a cause because that just seems crazy to me. People look at how I eat and it seems a bit extreme to them but it makes the difference between enjoying my life and spending my days exhausted, in pain, and not recognizing the woman in the mirror. It's worth it. I wish I had found this in time for my mother.


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            Excellent post, Daisy!
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Thanks for your post. So sad about your mom. I see my MIL slowly getting worse all the time. All of her conditions are directly related to her thyroid issues. she tried, albeit sporadically, to treat it naturally. She does not stick with "the program" so it just got worse and worse. I am an herbalist and very much into natural healing and feel with proper nutrition people can get better. At her stage I will definitely be relying also on regular western medicine to complement it. They can work well together, I will admit that. She is also very thin, so hoping the good diet will help her gain, and she has zero muscle tone. Light weights? She loves to walk and is really extremely active, hyper almost.


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                Please tell me how you use the coconut oil.


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                  Spoonful each morning.


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                    I just scramble my eggs in it or cook other things.