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    Now that I'm about a month in and have had some time to think about things, I've realized that primal living is having an influence on my job satisfaction. I'm starting to hate sitting in the office all day tapping away at my keyboard.

    I've never been one to shy away from physical labor, but up until now I was OK with working in the office all week and sometimes working on the farm on the weekends.

    Has anyone's transition to primal led to a work habit change, job change, total career reboot, or starting your own business?

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    Well it's made me want to get a standing desk. And I'm hoping to one day requisition a free-standing pullup bar for the office (one of those $350 ones from trapeze rigging)


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      For sure, Uppy. Before going primal I thought a desk job was the ultimate luxury. Now it's a real challenge.

      The thing that helps me the most is sitting on the edge of my chair, spine erect, toes planted on the floor, heels rapidly moving up and down. Keeps my circulation and metabolism going at a decent pace. Put on some fast music and it's almost like dancing.