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  • Originally posted by peril View Post
    Noticed Aldi had black pudding on the weekend. Ingredient list short and unobjectionable. Fried some in ghee with eggs for breakfast this morning. Delicious
    NO WAY!!!! That is ridiculously exciting! Usually black pudding has oatmeal and barley! Definitely having a look! Previously I was getting spanish blood sausage (morcilla) from the deli at sydney fish markets.

    I haven't posted here in a while so I have lots to say. This looks like an essay so I've bolded key suggestions so you can skim.

    Some new things: red palm oil at the coconut stall at Marrickville markets. They also have what are pretty much paleo chocolate brownies (ingredients are something along the lines of coconut flour, cocoa, coconut sugar etc. etc.) and really yummy coconut bars. Both are very sweet (must have heaps of coconut sugar) but the coconut bars are totally yummy and taste like LCM bars.

    Woolies has 2 brands of raw vegan bars that are basically just whole fruits and nuts and cocoa. I really like the Macro chocolate flavoured bars and my boyfriend likes Emma and Tom's chocolate and orange bars. Both are way tastier than Larabars and all the other expensive raw vegan bars in health food shops. The Macro ones are currently on sale for $1.70 and the Emma & Tom's bars are around $2.50 each. Both in the health food isle at woolies.

    The only place I know for paleo-ingrediented cold cuts is Sam The Butcher on Bondi rd in Sydney. Does anyone know any clean sources for salami etc around the south coast? At the Kiama markets I recently bought some gluten-free jerky but it still has soy sauce and worsterchire sauce and sugar. The pepper flavour and the smoke flavour are really tasty though. This is the website on the packet Buy Bulk Beef Jerky Australia

    Also at the Kiama markets are heaps of sources for raw LOCAL honey. I also bought some raw local honey from a random old man in his garage near Culburra. Really rich dark honey with lots of visible pollen. He has a sign outside his house and also sells a few fruits and veggies. If anyone is particularly interested in the garage honey, ask and I'll work out the approximate location.

    I'm sure everyone knows but there is a Paleo Cafe in Cairns and they're franchising so apparently a few others are going to be opening around the country, including in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Mark just put up a LinkLove post telling about Primal Pantry in Brisbane, which is now open.

    There's a raw vegan cafe in Bondi Junction called Earth to Table. I totally want to wear a t-shirt saying "I'm not vegan!" when I eat there but the alfredo pasta and the pesto pasta (w/zucchini noodles), the rainbow seaweed salad and some of their desserts are ridiculously yummy. My mum had the sprouted wild rice with sweet and sour veggies which I thought was repulsive but she liked it. All the desserts in the window have the ingredients listed so it's easy to avoid the couple that include "sprouted buckwheat." Some, like the caramel cheesecake and delicious but the obviously large amount of coconut syrup (seriously? totally not RAW vegan) makes me uncomfortable though fine for a treat I guess. The juices and smoothies there taste like blended salad and the "teecino" is like bath water.

    I know this is semi grotesque but I want to source some instant mashed potato for camping trips but all the supermarket stuff has more ingredients than just "potato"- anyone have a good source for just-potato-instant-mash?

    Also, I made powdered pumpkin which was very labor intensive then I found this website. Haven't ordered from them yet but definitely interesting with different powdered fruits and vegetables Fruit/Vege Powders

    This looks interesting for prepping own camping foods: freeze dried beef. Pretty awesome price-wise too as not much more expensive than non-freeze dried beef. I've emailed to ask about what the cows eat but no response as of yet. I'm sure it's still better than other camping food. Order Online - Settlers Foods

    Lastly, I have heaps of Kombucha SCOBYs. I live on the south coast- I don't want to mail them or anything but if you want one and are nearby, PM me and you can have one for free if you have a container with no metal to put it in.
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    • Also, this guys website has a guide to NSW edible plants
      Bush Tucker Plant Foods of Sydney and the Blue Mountains


      • I had a look at Maggie Beers Duck Pate with peppercorns at Woollies made with butter and the ingredients looked pretty good


        • What are your thought son this product? Gotzinger Black puddign sold at Woollies? Gotzinger Sausages


          • Originally posted by katemary View Post
            Guys, what do you think of Woolies barbeque chicken? Would they bother smothering it in oil or just cook. I wonder about that with any rotisserie chicken - because it is turning and its own juices covering it self, do they waste money on oil? Thanks
            Woolies and coles bbq chickens if you have a look at the underside of the bag has an ingredients tag - i put it back down at "vegetable oil"
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            • I found SF brand potato starch at my local "Healthy Life" store. It says "Potato starch flour" on the front of the packet, and on the back it says "contents: potato starch, sulphur dioxide". I wrote to the firm, who confirmed it was potato starch.


              • Just noticed Coles in sydney (burwood) stocking lindt 90% dark chocolate. I heard it was Dutch processed so might be better sticking to the 85%.


                • I've typed (and edited) all these great suggestions up into a blog post for ease of reference. It was getting a bit long, so I have left some of them out.

                  Directory of Paleo and Primal Food in Australia
                  Directory of Paleo and Primal Food in Australia | Gustoso

                  I hope that's ok with everyone.

                  My contributions are:

                  • Supplements –
                  • Paleo Hero Paleo Hero Primal Snack Foods – muesli, bars and supplements
                  • Paleo Café Paleo Café | EAT CLEAN, LIVE LEAN – various locations
                  • beef jerky – Geronimo Jerky Geronimo Jerky - The Best Beef Jerky You've Ever Tasted