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Support a Fellow Primal - 550km - One Week - All for Cancer Research

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  • Support a Fellow Primal - 550km - One Week - All for Cancer Research

    I posted this up in the success stories section, without knowing I really should have posted it in this section (pardon me!). Anyway, here is the original message!

    Hello fellow Primalists (Primates?!), my name is Jose and I am from the great city of London, UK. I only recently became part of the Primal community on MDA a month back, and by attempting to keep at least 80-90% I feel like I am on the way to changing my life! In just three week's I lost 16 pounds incredibly! I feel great, I am sleeping much better and feel generally much fitter.

    Anyway, on to my main point. I am currently in the final stages of planning a 550km cycle across northern Spain, following the French route of the Camino de Santiago, all within a week. Averaging out almost 100km a day isn't an easy task and it could be great if even one or two of you could help support my cause, which is Cancer Research UK.

    Cancer affects all of us, whether personally or someone we hold dear to ourselves. It is an awful disease which can even target the most healthy of people. If any of you could donate even the smallest amount then you will be helping the ongoing fight!

    N.B. I handle none of the money, it all goes straight to Cancer Research through the JustGiving website!

    Thank you for taking the time our of your daily routine to read my message!