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Where to buy Pastured raised chicken and pork in Boulder, CO?

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  • Where to buy Pastured raised chicken and pork in Boulder, CO?


    I wanted to ask if anybody from CO knew of a place where I could buy pastured raised chickens and pork? I use Sun Prairie Beef services for meet (and they are awesome) since they ship to my door, and I can order when I have free space on my fridge (small freezer) but regarding chickens, pork and bacon I can only find "organic", but not necessarily pastured raised. I can't buy a deep chest freezer and buy in bulk since I'm a student still living in dorms, and that is why I'm looking for a retail store or an online one.

    Living in Boulder I guess I can say I can move around the metro area (as long as RTD buses go there).

    Thank you!

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    I know in Charlotte there are people selling meat at just about any farmers market. Have you tried your local markets?

    These people would ship pork to you if you can't find it locally:
    Grateful Growers Farm, LLC || Real Food, Real Farmers.

    They are super nice people to boot!
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      Check that web page will list all states and has most of the farms that do CSA's and pasture raised animals.
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        Found where to buy chickens, still looking for places to find pork.

        ljbprrfmof, I had checked EatWild but most of the distributors in CO talk about beef, only a few sell chickens or pork and they are in other parts of the state, and being a student without a car make it difficult for me picking it up. The farm that I found that sells pastured chickens was not registered with either of them (found them because they sell their eggs in a local store, and I decided to Google them!).

        magnolia1973, thanks so much for the links! I will go to them as a last source, because the shipping would be really scary

        Thanks so much guys!