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    Hey Everyone,
    I'm totally new to this forum so forgive me if there is a load on here about Crohns already. I just wanted to ask if anyone with Crohns is currently following Paleo and how they are finding it. Thing like, have your symptoms improved? Has your weight remained stable? (I struggle to keep it on) Are you getting all the good stuff you need? Basically in a nut shell how has your gut responded? I'm about to start Paleo and beforehand I'm arming myself with as much info as possible. I look forward to hearing some feedback.
    Best wishes,

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    I don't have it and although it's not the same - my BF has Ulcerative Colitis. He's doing better and has gained 10 pounds since we've been together with me cooking for him. Cutting out processed foods and getting in more fish, healthy fats etc I think has been really good for him. He hasn't had a bad flare up in a good while now.


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      hey there ..

      ive had chrons for 15 yrs ... actually just out of a surgery to remove some tightly closed scar tissue from a past surgery ... that was a month ago

      ive been primal 6 months .. heres what ive noticed .. FAR less symptoms, im able to eat all veggies etc i want, less issues going to the restroom, less feeling like i have to pee all damn day, less inflimation according to my tests, damn near 0 discomfort compared to an uncomfortable feeling constantly before and always worrying about where i could go to the bathroom,,, the higher fat content in the food REALLY has helped me .. also i have more energy than ive had in years

      ive had chrons for a while and while i used to struggle with weight, now im dropping weight quickly.. this isnt bad for me because obviously i have a lot to get rid of .. but ive met others that are primal on chrons and have actually held weight ON better than ever before in their lives .. my doctor and i sincerely think the carbs inflame our intestines more than anyone wants to admit .. we are different, everything works slightly different inside of us ..

      as far as medication, im only on Cimzia, folic acid, and a daily vitamin .. oh, and B12 shots 1 time a month .. if youre on any medication besides biologicals, talk to your doctor .. methotrexcate, steroids, etc dont work nearly as well, and may increase the amount of surgeries you have over time .. ive been on Cimzia now 3 months and its great .. but i definetely felt better prior to that thanks to primal

      im here if you want to ask more questions, just PM me .. ive been struggling with chrons for years and i was very, very close to death when first diagnosed .... also, if you search there are lots of topics on here regarding it
      started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

      my journal -


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        Thank you so much both of you. I was diagnosed list 10 years ago now and have tried almost everything to help including liquid only feeds. After two re sections I don't want anymore for sure. I've just come off a whole host of meds and want to manage my remission as holistically as possible, I'm hoping this where paleo comes in. I'll get myself mire acquainted with the site and dig out the stuff on here about crohns. Thanks again, best wishes, Kelly.


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          One of the things I've read (because I came across it in research I was doing for my Migraines which is essentially an inflammatory issue like many other chronic conditions) that wheat is the root of all evil. I think if you can avoid that like the plague you'll have a great head start. I finally got my friend with RA to stop consuming wheat and gluten and her doctor was floored at her results.


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            Thanks, in the ten years since diagnosis I have triend pretty much every exclusion diet to no avail. The only thing that helps the pain is if I cut food out all together and go on a pre digested liquid feed diet which really does mess with your head more then aanything else. Hoping Paleo is the key to alleviating some of my symptoms. Wishing you well, and thanks again.