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I May Have Cured My Period Cramps

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    For those of you trying out the iodine, best of luck and please let us know how it works!

    Because all of my hormone and thryoid tests with my naturopath have come back normal so far, I am sticking with the anti-inflammatory approach that I serendipitously (sp?) discovered while having my cold. I am relying on the following links regarding prostaglandins and am including stuff I took for my cold last month.

    So daily for one week, I have been taking turmeric pills, krill oil pills, resveratrol pills, magnesium pills, a B complex, and evening primrose pills. I am also taking green tea, pineapple and dark chocolate. Incidentally, I also had one of my worst periods ever after increasing my meat intake with the primal diet and reducing meat intake is discussed and explained in one of the articles I've linked to here. So I am also decreasing my meat intake and have not had any dairy, not even butter.

    I've already started spotting (a couple days early) with no indication of cramps so far. Hope it's not another false victory. Expecting the full on attack between now and Monday. I'll keep you all posted.

    Dysmennorhoea - Painful Periods - Herbal, Natural Healing and Nutrition tips
    Endometriosis and Prostaglandins
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      Crossing fingers for you, Goldstar!

      I haven't started iodine drops yet, but have been eating nori more often. AF was still a pest this visit but I think she may have packed her bags and headed out earlier than usual. We'll see. I'll start my new regimen Sunday and report back.
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        I am so excited to have found this thread. I have had pain and menorrhagia for the last several years, since having one of my ovaries removed. For the last two months, I have bled between cycles for the first time ever. Went to the doctor last week and he doesn't think it's a problem but is doing an ultrasound just to be sure. I keep thinking the remaining ovary is mad because it has to do all the work now, lol. I am on day three of the strict anti-inflammatory primal diet (no dairy, eggs or nightshades, along with no grain, sugar, minimal fruit). Before that, I was 80% primal. I am taking high quality fish oil and magnesium. I am due to start any day now I just realized, and no symtoms so far.


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          BygoneCat, please let us know how you do. If I had to guess which supplements I thought were helping me the most right now, I'd say the magnesium, evening primrose oil, turmeric and krill oil. I am taking approx. 800mg from chelated magnesium and I think that is helping greatly with relaxation so far. The turmeric and krill are potent anti-inflammatories and the EPO is for gamma-linoleic acid (see my links to articles above). My period has been creeping up on me this time. I feel some discomfort right now so I'm thinking it won't be a breeze and today is the day. I only tried this approach for a week though, and I read we start producing the prostaglandins for menstruation 2 weeks before. I'm thinking the key might have to do with relaxation. Prostaglandins cause muscle cramping and muscle cramping means that blood flow has been cut off to the area. When the muscles can relax, blood flows to the area again and the pain subsides. Somehow there must be a way to minimize bad prostaglandins, maximize good ones, relax muscles and encourage blood flow. What increases blood flow, anyone know?


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            Originally posted by j3nn View Post
            That's interesting. I usually take Advil during AF because she's unbearable otherwise. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take it preemptively; I'll give it a try next time around. Taking Natural Calm magnesium supplement helps me greatly, too. When I slack on it, I notice the difference immediately.
            You know what I didn't put it together but I've also been taking Natural calm about a month or so now, and I think it helped with my period as well. I don't have periods that are that bad honestly, a few painful cramps here or there but nothing serious. However my last period I didn't notice as much the magnesium could be it


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              Sarah, how much are you taking daily? I've just had an interesting thing occur twice in the last 24 hours. Last night I was starting to feel crampy and took 750mg magnesium with a B complex and I immediately relaxed. I wasn't sure if it was other things contributing but I was so relaxed I wanted to sleep. This morning, I took 500mg magnesium with my epo, krill, resveratrol and turmeric and was still starting to feel crampy so I took another 250mg magnesium and a B complex. In less than an hour I'm mega relaxed again and baby cramps are subsided! If this is the answer, I have to say I am thrilled and also disappointed that I didn't learn about it waaaaaay earlier in life. Also, some of you ladies may remember me from other posts about my period, but for those who don't know me, I probably get the worst cramps of anyone and it severely impacts my daily routines. I've almost lost jobs over it in the past.
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                Well, sorry to report gals it's turning out to be a "normal" period for me. I've got cramps and had to take ibuprofen and break out the heatpad. Wish I had better news but never giving up. I still suspect my original idea of tylenol or antihistimines as being COX2 inhibitors stopping the cramps last month and which I couldn't replicate this time around. Let's keep investigating!

                Edited to add:
                Next month I'm adding quercitin to the list.

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                  My sympathies, Goldstar. Next month we're gonna kick her butt!
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                  “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” - Samuel Adams


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                    Thanks, J3. Already on it, drinking black tea (quercetin) as we speak! Eagerly awaiting your results as well...


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                      This is all very good info. I have just started taking chelated Magnesium and it makes me so tired that I can't take it during the day! I am taking it all in the evening. I don't think I am taking as much as y'all are - so I think I will try upping my dose.

                      I have been taking a very high dose of a high quality fish oil for two months now (a little over 6,000 mg a day). I started with a capsule of evening primrose last night after reading here.

                      Funny because I used to be so oil-phobic and now I am literally drinking gobs of fish, coconut and now primrose oils, along with fat from the meat I eat. If only my 80's dieting self could see me now!


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                        I have had a amazing reduction in menstrual pain and menstrual flow/size of clots by incorporating borage oil and fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend into my routine. I keep the FCLO/BO as a daily supplement throughout the month, and take 2-6 capsules per day of the borage oil when I feel my period starting (each soft gel of the borage oil contains 221 mg GLA). This has been nothing short of a miracle for me, I hope the mention of either supplement is helpful for someone! I feel like if you don't know where to look, it feels like there's no help online... I remember searching for natural help for menstruation and feeling completely crazy because my search results turned up nothing. I love this forum!


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                          Excellent info hawle060, thanks for sharing. I understand either EPO or Borage oil will do but EPO is not as strong as borage. That gives us a nice range of strengths to play with. I started with 1mg on the very low end of EPO per day. Think I'll double it today. I was disappointed to have cramps this month but have to say that yesterday they were not as intense as usual and they were thankfully much more manageable. Seems like EPO, borage and magnesium are standing out as most effective so far.

                          Borage Vs. Evening Primrose | LIVESTRONG.COM


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                            Originally posted by Goldstar View Post
                            Somehow there must be a way to minimize bad prostaglandins, maximize good ones, relax muscles and encourage blood flow. What increases blood flow, anyone know?
                            The only ways I know of, Goldstar, are exercise and heat... The exercise part is 'obvious' even simple walking gets everything moving, and I guess we should all, for the most part, be moving more than we do. Not that it helps with my symptoms at all, and even when I was exercising a lot more than I do now, I still had painful periods.

                            For heat, I have thought about using a hot-water bottle, or some kind of heating pad, to increase the blood flow, perhaps as a pre-emptive, daily treatment throughout the month. I haven't done it yet, but I have been thinking of trying it, so funny you mentioned it. My thinking is that in Chinese medicine the belief is that pain is caused by stagnation... And, I do believe our problems are exacerbated by stagnant blood flow. Well, I'm sure sitting all day long at desks will do that to you, especially in our reproductive area! So I might try the pre-emptive heat treatment next month. I will have to try and find a hot-water bottle first... I'm not sure they sell them here.

                            I do regularly take saunas and steam rooms, which should help with blood flow... and I'm lucky enough to be able to have a massage whenever I want one... but I've found none of these things has really helped when the monthly arrives.

                            So far, I've just finished my second weeks' protocol. I had to lay off the iodine for a few days due to intense detox symptoms, but I have started again at a lower dose. I have also seriously upped my intake of seafood and seaweed (I've never been a big eater of either, so for me to eat mussels and prawns and squid and seaweed almost every day is a big first!)

                            Along with that I'm still taking: magnesium, vitamin C, fermented CLO, freeze dried bovine adrenals + liver, dark chocolate, cilantro and chlorella.

                            I have bought a water filter, so I will be drinking less water from plastic bottles, and I have not been wearing any cosmetics or using any non-herbal body products, in an effort to reduce my exposure to chemical nasties, like estrogen.

                            And, I have not had any dairy.

                            I am for the most part completely stress-free, and sleeping like a log every night.

                            So, attack it from all angles and see if there's an overall improvement in a couple of weeks time...

                            I really don't know if it will work.
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                              There might be some hope for you all.

                              A high dose of Vitamin D reduces menstrual cramps significantly | Julianne's Paleo & Zone Nutrition

                              A high dose of Vitamin D reduces menstrual cramps significantly
                              A brand new study has just been released, it shows that a large dose (300,000iu) of vitamin D has significant success in reducing menstrual cramps. This study was double-blind, so some women got a dummy pill and some a real one.

                              See if it helps. :-)


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                                Here's another approach.

                                Over on the Monster Thread (Dr. Kruse's reset community kindly allowed here on the Apple), most there are trying Cold Thermogenesis, and finding it's not just possible, but downright effective. (Weight loss, thyroid improvements ...) They have a lot of different ways to try it, and Doc has been writing long articles about what it is and why it works on his blog at "Jack Kruse".

                                Someone just wrote the following:

                                <<Also, on a really positive note: I have never had a period in my whole life that wasn't terrible, and needing 600 of ibuprofen every 4 hours. Got thru this with NOTHING!!! Very minor pain, and icepack was helpful (rather than traditional heating pad). I was very disappointed last month when I caved in and took Advil out of desperation due to pain. Feeling that changes are afoot inside as well. Perhaps better 3:6 ratio...>>

                                This is post #20277 (yes, I know, what a crazy thread ...) For me it's page 676.


                                Someone else said that cold treatment was working really well for her period, much better than the heating pad she used to use.

                                You can check replies by skimming through the thread since post 20277. While reading the whole thread is really educational, it can take a few weeks. <grin>

                                Personally, I was delighted when periods stopped and my PCOS greatly improved, back when I was 57. It's nice to realize that human women, unlike female animals, get to stop putting up with this cycling before we drop dead. I think of it as evolutionary proof that women are good for more than just having babies. We provide enough survival value to our immediate kinship groups that our efforts late in life have been selected for.