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    Originally posted by Chaohinon View Post
    You'll have to post pics so we can give accurate advice
    you are ...just...naughty !!!!!

    As her body adjusts and changes, she will fill out a wee bit more, and they will settle down. What age is your wife ????? Cos the older we get gravity does intercept - and that goes for you guys too. Ceiling pointing goes to wall pointing goes to ......
    I have found that as the weight drops, the face and breasts seem to be the first to lose, but then it readjusts... so hang in there (what does my husband tell me? more than a mouthful.....)
    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

    ...small steps....


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      Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
      Stand behind her as you both step into a pair of her old, loose pants, and follow her around all day as you gently cup her breasts in your hands to hold them up.
      This would make my husband incredibly happy! He frequently tells me he'd like to just hold them up for me


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        Originally posted by jeffrey29584 View Post
        My wife has asked me to ask you guys this. Since going Primal she has lost 42lbs and dropped in bra size from a 36c to a 32a. Now her breast sag way down and seem like a bunch of loose skin. She doesn't like this, but it doesn't bother her enough to have some type of surgery. She does not care about the cup size(nor do I) she just want them to lift back up. Any experience here? Does this fall under Mark's post on loose skin? Could this be the same type of problem some people have with belly skin? She has really good skin, after 3 kids and losing 42lbs she very few stretch marks and a very firm almost 6 pack. No loose skin anywhere but in the breast area. Any suggestions here would be great, Thanks fellow cavedwellers.
        It really depends how old a woman is. the older you get the slower the cell renewal is. Skin takes time to adjust to the new body but in the meantime tell her to do some mild exfoliation around her breast and keep it moisturize to help the skin with elasticity. As well adding bench pressing to her workout routine is really helpful. Basically anything that stimulates the pectoral muscles helps the breast to look more perky.

        Not everyone's breast are perky and there are tonnes of really good bras now to help with that.


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          Try a little cold water therapy. A 60 degree shower will perk those puppies right up!


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            Ugh... I am getting to have the same problem, and I haven't come close to losing all my excess weight either... I AM hoping that something will perk them up a bit. I mean, I'd like to look good naked, and I'm not sure that's possible with saggy, deflated breasts no matter how awesome I get my abs to look!! I am certainly eating plenty of fat (more than I did in CW days)... so we'll see.

            To me, bras aren't really an answer. Sure they can look good in a bra, but that's not really the point. The point is I want them to look good with the BRA OFF!


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              check the forum at for links on skin brushing. It might help her.


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                I lost 70 pounds. Half of that was very fast because I was not eating. I went from nice plump DDD-E cups to deflated, saggy, flat, DD cups. Bras make them look good but I also would like to look nicer naked. I probably have age against me, I am 35 and have nursed several babies. I actually have this loose saggy skin on my arms, stomach and thighs too so yuck, it is just the boobies that make me feel really bad.

                There are herbs she can try. I was trying them but I am not good at taking suppliments so I did not keep up with it. Fenugreek, saw palmetto and red clover are supposed to help. I also heard the thing about skin brushing but never tried it. Maybe it is time.