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Purposeful Fasting vs Convient Fasting

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  • Purposeful Fasting vs Convient Fasting

    Convinet = convenient

    I've been reading a lot about fasting lately. There's a lot of different literature out there about fasting (even from Mark) and it's led me to confusion. I understand all of the different strategies of fasting, but I'm wondering if planned fasts are necessary.

    Mark talks about his daily routine and states that he will miss a meal if he isn't hungry or if good food isn't at hand. Sounds good to me... But then there is quite a bit of advocacy for eating windows. I definitely haven't put the time into reprogramming my hunger to only become present during 12-8pm, but I'm not really sure if there's a need to. Why do people reprogram for this time?

    I'm all about eating (& eating WELL) when hungry. The window just seems to create some anxiety around food. What if I'm planning to eat 12-8pm, but I'm legitimately hungry every morning? Or every evening?

    I'm looking for your experience with fasting... I want to know if you had an easy transition, if you usually eat three meals a day, & I'd really like to know about your weight loss success in accordance with fasting, or not fasting.

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    I'd been low-carb for almost a year, and Primal for the last 7 months of that before I tried fasting.
    I'd lost ~30 lbs by this point. My weight loss had stalled for a couple of months, but, seeing as it was within 5lbs of my goal weight, I didn't worry too much. At this point I'd already moved from eating three meals a day to just lunch and dinner.
    It happened without thought or effort. The Primal diet just kinda did it to me.

    Making the change to a five hour (5pm to 10pm) eating window was pretty damned easy. I now eat one meal a day on most days. I'll snack on 90% chocolate and cheese if I want during the rest of the window (after dinner). Um...and red wine.

    Anyhoo...the results. I've been Fast-5ing for about 60 days. I now weigh 3-4 lbs below my goal weight. I've had to come up with a whole new goal weight. Terribly inconvenient. The love handles are dwindling and I hope to see the end of them in the next few months.


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      If you are really hungry in the morning, eat. I'm someone who has to start the day with breakfast. Every time. I found that when I cooked a fat/meat based breakfast, I basically wasn't hungry at lunch time. So fasting at lunch time is definitely a convenience based thing for me. It's just easier not to eat then.

      Today for example I had fried up leftovers (potatoes and corned beef) with an egg for breakfast. And I'm eating slightly later than usual this evening.

      One thing that I hadn't realised until being primal for a while was that before I didn't really know what hungry was. I'm slowly coming to an awareness of when my body is hungry, and am learning to let it be hungry sometimes, and eat lots of protein other times.
      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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        I have only planned one fast and it was a disaster. I was too new to this I think. I now seem to fast 2-3 times a week for about 18 hours without intending too. Some days I am famished and others not really hungry, so I just eat when I am hungry and skip it if not. This works better for me than to try to force my eating into some planned window or to plan to not eat for a set number of hours, when in fact, I might be hungry.


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          Planned fasts and fasting in general is ok only if it doesn't cause anxiety. If it does or if you're hungry you s
          hould eat. We started in Sept 2011, I was 274 and I'm 226 now. 45yo dude. I didn't even think about fasting the first 3 or 4 months, in fact I ate almost all the time. After losing 30lbs or so I started hitting plateaus and started fasting a little to move it along and it did. I never really ate breakfast anyway and after a while it became easy to skip lunch and eat later and later. Eventually, I started doing 20 hour fasts dinner to dinner and it really felt great and pushed my fat burning to another level. I've been on another plateau for the last month that is driving me crazy and I did a 40 hour fast last week and again yesterday. Neither fast was all that great. So, I'm not planning to go that long again for a while. Back to the 20 hour fasts that feel great and just see what happens. If it doesn't feel good or make you feel bettee then don't do it.


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            I don't plan my IF per se. Although I have been doing them at 14/10, 16/8 or 17/7 so far. I'm the type of person that is naturally hungry later in the day, so my eating window is scheduled for later in the day, 1pm-11pm (also placed this late because I work shift-work). That being said. If I'm physically hungry before 1pm, I'll eat. If I'm not physically hungry at 1pm, I don't eat. I have a eating window, but it's very flexible. I generally have 3 meals within my eating window. However, tonight for example, I'm working an overnight shift. Although my "eating window" ended at 11pm, I wasn't hungry for my third meal, so I didn't eat it. I'll eat it when I get hungry. Whether it's at 3am or not at all. No stress. That's one thing that I enjoy about Primal and IF's. It's about eating when your hungry. My previous "obsession" over eating has been eliminated! WHICH I LOVE!!