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anxiety symptoms early into paleo

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  • anxiety symptoms early into paleo

    So interesting -- I have stuck it out with paleo under 100 grams/carbs for about 10 days. I first had some memory issues that abated.

    But find myself dealing with an obsessiveness and anxiety about things. Now, I was an anxious person before, but this is to the next level of kind of . . constantly thinking about food, figuring out meal plans, etc. I want to get preachy about the plan, too.

    I wonder if this is due to lower carbs/less serotonin fuel. Ironically, I am sleeping great.

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    It could be from the reduced serotonin. You could experiment with adding starch and see if that helps. I know I can get kind of like a "tweaker" on super low carb. Your carbs aren't really all that terribly low, so it could also be that you are just starving yourself and not eating enough.
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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      Your carbs aren't really all that terribly low, so it could also be that you are just starving yourself and not eating enough.
      I agree that this is a possibility. Over the past several months, maybe a year actually, I had been more anxious and had a shorter temper. I think that I was possibly just undereating for my needs or fasting too much. I've started eating breakfast again and I feel less anxious overall.


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        A degree of obsessiveness and anxiety is bound to be induced in the early days while you are having to think quite hard about food choices and plan meals very carefully. Once this way of eating becomes second nature you will be able to relax and enjoy it more.

        It typically takes up to 3 weeks to fully adjust to lower carb eating. It sounds like you're doing quite well for someone just 10 days in.

        Good luck!
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          Elisa I too am a 'stressy' person and I found if I went really low carb my symptoms were worse. I feel better by adding in white potatoes again, like you say it must be a serotonin thing
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            Too low of carbs OR calories esp. at first will do this! Too low of carbs/calories long term for your body will also do this. Every one is different, some women need more carbs/calories and I have read several posts to this effect.

            It could also be die-off reactions from bad gut flora.

            I dealt with lots of increased anxiety (also prone) after being primal, but stuck with it for almost a year & half now, and have to say that am doing lots better in that regard now! BUT it took me quite awhile (8-10 months for me) to get used to all the new eating things, avoidance, dealing with new social situations surrounding food, and just getting used to things.

            Don't underestimate the power of a total life change like this diet is, it will effect you and your moods in good and bad ways. It really is a life changing event to change the way you eat and that comes with a certain amount of stress, although all of us deal with it in different ways. And a year down the road you will feel better than you do now or then, but it takes time. Don't assume that "this" is the way you will be on primal, it takes time to fully adjust.