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  • Freshman Fast Mile?

    HI, I'm a freshman in high school, and I want to run a sub 6 mile by September, preferably faster. I run 6:50 right now. Will not eating grains, sugars, ect, and plenty of plants and animals and moving around a lot, HIIT, a couple of sprint sessions a week, ect, be enough for me to achieve my goal?


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    If you want to run a faster mile, run a lot. Run shorter distances at multiple times of the day, and do that almost everyday. Build the habit of running, and your body adapts better than any other training method.

    Physical Health: How To Workout


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      For a faster mile running a lot is not needed. You need to do interval training and finish with sprints. I would do this 2 times a week at most with easy miles mixed in with a max of 12-15 miles per week. In addition I would lift heavy 2-3 times a week.

      A mile isn't really a sprint but isn't exactly long distance. It is a difficuly middle ground. I ran my best mile my sophomore year at 5 min flat. I was a defensive end the same year and have never been small, at that time I believe I was ~160-170. I wish would have worked harder because I know I could have broken 5.
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        Look at the marathon runners from Africa who smoke Europeans and Americans (despite our 'modern' knowledge) in races. Sure, some could be genetics. But the other half is simply running. Same goes for Jamaica and their track team. Their whole culture is HUGE on track. Thus, they do it a lot. The Mexican tribe that supposedly can run 100 miles at a time does not do interval training, weight lifting, finish with sprints, or other complicated shit. They just run a lot.