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  • Suggesstion for a new Forum - Primal Market Place


    My name is Dave and I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I stumbled upon MDA last year when I was researching grass fed beef. I eventually got hooked on the primal concept and started my journey end of 2011. I have lost 30 lbs and also lowered my high blood pressure.

    One thing I am still having problem is finding good local farms to buy grass-fed beef / pastured meat that is reasonable priced and with good reviews. I know some of these info can be found on the forum, or websites like eatwild and localharvest. However, a dedicated forum on MDA where we can put these info together and have ongoing discussions would be great. I suggest a forum call "Primal Market place" or something similar where we can:

    * Discuss how to buy 1/4, 1/2, whole cow locally. (hanging weight vs actual weight, how to make sure you are paying for what is advertised). Maybe have a FAQ or sticky

    * Provide links and reviews to local farms by State

    * Provide links and reviews to major / popular online pastured meat market places such as US Wellness Meats & Texagrassfedbeef. Maybe have an ongoing comparison chart of their prices to help us get the best deals

    * Have a place where we can organize cow pooling (by state) or negotiate group buy deals (think discount!!) from farms that ship.

    * Have farmers or online marketplace come to this forum to promote sales and answer questions

    * Supermarket section where we talk about what is currently on sale (grass fed beef, organic food) at your local super market / costco / sams

    * Sub section under this forum to discuss anything else related to buying aspects of: CSA, farmers market, produce, Coffee (think bullet proof type of coffee beans), Dairy (think grass fed butter, cheese, raw milk from local farms), seafood, etc.

    My goal is to have as much info as possible in a centralized location where newbies and "poor" people like me can have a chance to get "clean source" food at reasonable price. Mark's Daily Apple is currently #1 on the net for primal / paleo lifestyle. I believe with the addition of this forum, we can get even more people educated and involved. With this many potential buyers coming from MDA, maybe farmers are willing to charge less and make up the profit with volume; maybe with more buying power from MDA, we can tell farmers we way we prefer to shop (ex. pay for actual weight on the cow vs hanging weight + other misc charges because the bottom line is we want it simple and know exactly how much we are paying per lb). Please tell me what you think.



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    I think this would be a great idea. I'd love to go in with others on a 1/4 of a cow and a pig (1/2 and higher is just too much at the moment, plus I don't think the freezer could hold it all). I've tried finding people locally but no go.

    It would be nice to have a forum dedicated just to this topics, with maybe farm reviews and sales threads sticky noted/pinned to the top.
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      Good ideas but I think geography plays a big role in this. Sharing online retailer sources that can help everyone would be great. But knowing what is on sale at WF in New Jersey doesn't help me much. Also the logistics of something like cow-pooling would be a lot easier if people connected by geographical area.
      Maybe we could start our own little Primal version of ebay where we could sell stuff we don't need (like the small crockpot when you just bought a new big one). Not to make money. Just charging enough to break even and cover postage. There also could be a section for exchanging clothing that has gotten too loose.


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        The Resources forum is all about this, there just isn't much traffic there.