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What is the best thing to use to sleep on the floor? Very determined to..

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  • What is the best thing to use to sleep on the floor? Very determined to..

    I really want to start sleeping on the floor. I live in an apartment with hardwood floors and Im not sure where to start with choosing padding. So far Ive just tried sleeping on a simple thin blanket with a pillow but it was way to uncomfortable and didn't work out.

    What is something common, healthy, and comfortable people use to sleep on the floor? Comforters? Camping bed? Air mattress? Hay/straw mat? Some kind of sleeping mat? Im not even sure what ANY of these things are, or what they're made of or how they work.

    The only other thing I've used to sleep on the ground besides a blanket was a crappy sleeping bag that didn't really fit when I was homeless and sleeping in a park for a couple nights. I did manage to fall asleep for a good 4-5 hours though one night and I didnt feel too bad afterwards so I think I could make this work.

    I've also been interested in Japanese futons, but Im looking for something similar and domestically available that I could try out first before ordering one and trying that.

    Im also open to other creative ideas.

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    I love my 4ish inch wool futon pad. It's on carpet, but I don't think the carpet has anything between it and the concrete or whatever the apartment has for a floor. It was also relatively inexpensive, so I could replace it if it hadn't worked. My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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      Try one of these foam roll-up mats for camping. I've used them before for sleeping over at a friend's place and was actually able to fall asleep fine.


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        I slept on the floor on my futon mattress for years, and loved it. Futon is the way to go!


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          I've slept on the floor for several years, just not gotten round to buying a decent mattress so it's easier to sleep on the floor. Other half and I both get sciatica and sleeping on the floor or a very hard mattress helps. We are basically on top of a sheet on the carpet.

          I seem to remember it feels awful at first but after a while your body gets used to arranging itself in a different way and it becomes normal. It feels really weird when we stay over at a friend's house on a squishy mattress!

          Not sure why anyone would choose to do this though. I am dying to buy a good hard mattress once we can afford to buy household stuff (we are in huge debt). Being on the floor near carpets and draughts is probably not helping my allergies.
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            I'm 200lbs and use this for camping and sleeping on the floor. I do think the zippered-style sides need to be a couple inches taller, though. He does make a double wide version, too.

            He also makes a cowboy bedroll

            another option that I've used a lot camping are pads from camping stores such as Termarest that come in different thicknesses.
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              You get used to it after a few nights.


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                A Japanese tatami mat? I slept on a foam Z-rest pad on the ground for 6 months. I slept great. I think the ground is more comfortable than a hardwood floor, though.
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                  Use carpets or soft rugs to sleep on floor. There are many long soft rugs and they are very much comfortable. You will feel like you are sleeping on a bed. Try it.