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  • Paleo health issue

    I started doing Paleo fairly seriously about 4 months ago. Like many of you I've dropped a lot of weight - have free 'clean' energy and am enjoying the benefits of lifestyle change. I have a few questions -

    before doing Paleo I had a general 'malaise' - always feeling sick - cranky / joint pain - and was very overweight but I was eating whatever I want. Now having removed grains, dairy, and processed sugars I feel great except when I ingest slight elements of the above - when I do cheat - an occasional beer or so - I have rapid and extreme physiological reactions (my body reacts the same way one's might after eating ghost pepper chili) - whether I have a slight amount or a large amount the reaction is the same, so obviously i try to avoid cheating !

    However, is that normal? (normal being highly subjective, I know).

    Also I had developed what I think was Edema in my lower legs - poor circulation webMD says - it leads to lots of bad things - I obviously want to reverse this if possible - I have been taking Fish Oil and vitamins but are their foods or approaches that I should also consider? Can you take too much fish oil? (I take about 6 a day at 1600mg each - barleans brand).

    I appreciate any helpful advice,

    Thanks - ColinSC

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    With the circulation problem, try eating spicy foods such as pepper, chillis and cinnamon; they both help to improve circulation. There is also a herb called ginkgo biloba which is used to aid periferal circulation, so that might be worth trying. Other than that I'm not sure. If in doubt, ask a doctor.


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      When I asked a doctor - his primary advice was for me to lose weight- which I am doing! but I may get a second opinion as well, thanks for the advice.


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        on your first question - yes it is very normal to react badly when things like grains/dairy are re-introduced, many poeple are intolorent of foods they eat all the time but they don't really notice as the symptoms are there all the time and the body stops reacting as much with continual exposure (intolerent is normally considered a gut reaction, as opposed to an allergy that is a histamine reaction in the blood and often gets worse each exposure). Some poeple find they can re-introduce things like butter or cream after a time off to heal the gut, others find they need to aviod that food for ever - I think I am finding the later with wheat (but as I don't want flour based products that's fimr with me).
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          Many people react very badly to non-primal foods for the first few months to a year after going primal. Then it seems for some people (myself included) that reaction is greatly diminished. I felt like crap after any cheats for about 6 months or so. Now I don't have to many issues.

          Regarding the edema - are you getting enough potassium and magnesium?
          Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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            Oh yeah, on the first point. I now get mouth ulcers if I dare to eat any form of wheat, so I avoid it like the plague! It would also explain why I got mouth ulcers so much when I was younger.


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              Thanks for all the helpful advice! I found out from my mother (after I started doing paleo) that I was gluten intolerant as a child - and she assumed I had grown out of it- apparently not - thanks mom! At any rate I'll try gingko biloba for circulation and increase my spicy veggies intake. I really appreciate all the great tips, thanks again.


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                My treats are not cheats, but things like chocolate mousse sweetened with tart cherry juice concentrate or cheesecake sweetened only with banana. That works for me to not feel deprived. That said, I seem to be less sensitive and if I eat something at a restaurant with undesirable ingredients, I don't feel badly. I have never been prone to upset stomach.

                My husband got unhelpful advice for swollen legs for several years before he was finally sent to a lymphedema specialist (normally a physical or occupational therapist). He now wears velcro wraps on his legs because he can't manage support hose. But there are several things you can do before it gets so bad. Elevate your legs until they are above your heart and point your toes up and down. Make sure you push off with your toes when you walk--that is key to the muscle pumping system that returns the lymph fluid back up the body. There is a special gentle massage to assist the lymphatic circulation. Try to minimize how long you sit without a break.
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