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Primal & excessive bowel movements!

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  • Primal & excessive bowel movements!

    Well hello there

    I've been doing primal for about two years with the exception of corn, brown rice and raw GF oats. Everything else I had eliminated with the rare exceptions like occasional chickpeas. I kicked the corn to the curb a few months ago and kicked the brown rice and oats last month. (I have gone two week trials before this of absolutely no grains as well).

    My question to all of you is: Have you or did you ever go through a period of a lot more bowel movements or even diarrhea as a result of eliminating everything? I have diarrhea pretty much all day and into the night. Immodium doesn't help because it's plugs me up and gives me heartburn. From everyone that I have talked to, Primal has HELPED them with this... not the other way around...

    I've gone to the GI and tests are coming back 'normal' so far though I'm still waiting to get some imaging tests done.

    Sorry for the TMI but I am reaching here...This is by far the healthiest and CLEAN that I have ever eaten.(following primal) and virtually NO processed foods so I'm kind of at a loss...

    Thanks for any input.

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    Some people are fairly loose for some while after starting. You have to adjust to eating different things, and your gut flora will probably change.

    I don't know that "diarrhea pretty much all day and into the night" would be at all common, though.

    Maybe the tests will show something. Perhaps you've got an infection that happens to have occurred at the same time. if it is the diet, then I guess it depends on what you understand Primal to mean, and hence what it is you are eating. If you're eating a lot more protein and a lot more fat than you're used to, it may be you're having problems digesting it. There's some good advice here:

    Adjusting To Traditional Foods - Weston A Price Foundation

    Replacing starchy foods with more fruit and vegetables could be disruptive, too. A lot of fruit in particular will certainly make you go more.

    I'd look at the advice on "adjusting to traditional foods" in that link. And maybe just back off a little and transition more slowly. A good probiotic -- probably the sort that a good health food store would keep in the refrigerator -- might help.


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      Thanks Lewis, I'll take a look at that link.

      Thankfully, my tests came back indicating no infection, so that is good. I take a heavy duty probiotic, VSL #3. I've been on it for about a year.

      So if there is something else going on, perhaps it will show in the X-ray and ultrasound.

      This week I've toned it down on the fruits and have been eating more sweet potatoes, some tapioca and some jicama in hopes of that helping.

      I also just starting taking glutamine this week hoping that will also help.

      Thanks again.