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Grokette went braless, should us lady PBers go too?

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    Mine are far too protruding and weight loss doesn't help a bit! So i keep my bra.
    I understand your question though, and the search for soft supporting bras can be hard, but not impossible. They are dang expensive too.


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      Originally posted by Taggy G View Post
      Yeah, I have H's too....And yeah, horseback riding braless.....hell no lol! Thanks though, it's not often I get to talk to another with huge mams. It really does suck.
      The funny thing is that I used to weigh over 200 lbs and I was a 42DD. Then I lost weight, but my boobs haven't shrunk at all, as noted by the fact that I've gone down in the band size a lot but gone UP in the cup size. I'm like "I'd be happy with a DDD, world, hint hint."


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        I like wearing a bra... I look a hell of a lot better and it is more comfortable for me than braless. I am not concerned about cancer. ANd well, go no further than National Geographic- those women don't wear bras and it doesn't appear that braless keeps them perky.
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          I wear them well-fitted but also avoid wearing them as much as impossible cos even a good one is uncomfortable after a while. I don't know whether it will cause sagging if I don't wear them enough, or it will cause cancer if I wear them too much. All I know is, not wearing one in public is never gonna happen for me, cos I'm a 36-J !! Formerly a 38-J before Primal weight loss

          I hate being a woman sometimes and hate having these tribal African style mammaries. I haven't breastfed a baby yet but it looks like I have!!

          But with a really nice bra on, they become eye-popping round globes and I feel fabulous!
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            The bra stays.

            Going without is just flat uncomfortable. Nipples get all irritated rubbing against my shirt. They get de-sensitized and who wants unresponsive nipples? LOL. Maybe it's just conditioning since I grew them, but my boobs like their bras. Getting properly fitted is half the battle. Years of wearing poorly fitting bras can ruin it for anyone. I've always been a D cup and never had a problem with underwires, strangely, it was the non-UW bras I could never stand. Ah well. To each, her own.
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              even as an anorexic i had giant bewbies. i get far too many gawkers, hooters and hollerers as it is to ever consider going braless in public. i'd get 2 black eyes running to catch the train, ya know? i do offer free amusement to guards at airports and federal buildings though. the underwire always demands "special", closer observation.

              at home? as soon as i shut the door, i take off my shoes and then my bra. aaaaaaaah.

              as far as bras causing cancer? erm, about as likely as that tinfoil hat causing cancer.
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                My grandmother bound her large breasts in the 1920s and was very saggy. My mother is very flatchested and mostly doesn't wear a bra--no sagging. One sister takes after my mother but gained and lost (by a medically supervised fast) a lot of weight and is small and saggy. I take after my grandmother and my weight has been up and down a bit, always slowly. I'm not very saggy for my age and having breastfed two children for about a year each. Definitely some sag, but my nipples still point forward rather than down (like my grandmother's did). I went braless in college when I was smaller but have worn underwire bras for many years, and serious sport bras if I run. I sleep in a nightgown with nothing underneath, but I'm not comfortable walking around that way.

                No breast cancer in my family, but I would take iodine before I would blame bras (google breast cancer iodine). I like to be natural--no makeup, no shaving, no high heels (though I do have hair removed from my face). But giving up bras during the day if you are bigger than a B seems to me a comfort issue.
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                  You want to know what breasts will look like without bras?

                  Open up a National Geographic.
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                    I'm braless in the morning until I shower and get dressed (which could be as late as noon some days). However, I am old enough (and breastfed two kids) that they sag a bit. It's the sagging that makes it sweaty underneath, so yes, I wear a properly fitted bra most of the day. Although I have noticed that I am going to need some new ones soon because they are getting roomy.

                    It doesn't seem logical to me that they might cause cancer. I think if that was true then any where that clothing is a bit snug could be related to some type of cancer.
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                      I went a couple of summers with minimal or no bra. I had a backpack on the whole time, though, so the sternum and shoulder straps kind of kept the jiggling down. I think I look better with at least minimal support and nipple-smoothing. I have really big nipple bumps around the main nipples and having all that be visible makes me self-conscious.

                      Years ago they suddenly invented making bras with a thin, foam rubber cup. I actually read an article about how that was a major breakthrough in bra manufacturing, allowing them to make bras with fewer seams, which meant they were much cheaper to produce. Instantly I was unable to find any bras without the foam rubber cups. I bought a couple of them and my boobs became terribly sore from wearing them. They were just as supportive as any other bra, so I didn't think it was because of that. And when I would wear my older non-foam bras the soreness would go away. I honestly believed I was allergic to the foam and that it was poisoning me. I put those bras way back in the back of my drawer. After a few years, I started wearing them again and have not had the pain again. It made me really super suspicious. I don't think it is healthy to put foam rubber so close to a fatty organ that tends to accumulate toxins. I believe that foam rubber does off-gas toxins when it is new.
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                        I normally wear sports bras (my breasts are different size so regular bras don't fit), but I love going topless. If I could go bra-less all the time, I would be so happy! It's sort of like going barefoot only on top. Mmgh.
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                          At a 34I, I can't go without. And I hate that I have to order them through the mail only! I am praying that when I stop nursing and lose ~20lbs I will go back down to a DD or so. I hate being this big and have to wear 2 sports bras to play soccer or it hurts. I would love to be able to do just shelf bras!


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                            Originally posted by Leida View Post
                            It's sort of like going barefoot only on top. Mmgh.
                            That is an excellent summation. I'm working on reducing my use of bras. My next step will be to find one with no underwire but that has just enough coverage for nipple suppression. On the weekends, I frequently stick with shelf-tanks (I need more) or tanks that are cut to have a touch of support. I'm trying to make the bralessness look deliberate rather than what it is which is my hairy-legged-bra-burning hippie self kicking and screaming her way to the surface But, right before I moved I was spending time in the house in just a skirt- no top at all, it really felt right. Of course, I did luck out when it came to shapes- they're pretty nice and boyant for Cs.
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                              There is no shelf bra tank sturdy enough for a natural H cup.

                              Lounging in PJs maybe but I can't imagine moving faster than a casual walk without a bra.
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                                Look at the videos of African tribes in documentaries. The women definitely have a lot of sagging going on. That being said, it's only a question of esthetics. I do wonder if there's really any health implications to wearing a bra... In general constraining stuff, and not allowing good ventilation is bad.