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Going Pillow-less, anyone have any success?

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    I sleep with a pillow sheilding my balls from Kicky McKickerson, the person who my child turns into after she has snuck into our bed at 2 in the morning.
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      Originally posted by jennf View Post
      I'm a stomach sleeper and am so much more comfortable without a pillow! I sleep better every night and no more sore neck in the morning.
      Same here, although I have two on my bed. I spend some nights back-and-forthing them out of my way and eeking as little support as possible(which usually turns out to be too much).


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        Tried it last night... lasted 15 mins.

        Going to suck it up and try for 20 tonight.
        I'll be back


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          Ohmigosh, I could never part with my pillows! 3 for my head, one under my arm, will probably add one for my legs in about 4 months...

          I actually flipped out ala hollywood birth movie worthy when the epidural guy took my pillow when I was having Grace.

          Don't freakin' touch my pillows, man!
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            I have attempted to sleep without my pillow, but I always wake up in the morning with it. I guess I wake up in the middle of the night and go "Wtf?!" and find my pillow and then go back to sleep. And then don't remember it afterward.

            Anyway, I use the squishiest, most under-stuffed pillow ever. I like it because I can ball it up or stretch it out as needed. It's the everypillow, infinitely customizable for all your sleeping needs. When I'm laying on my back, I can ball up the stuffing to support the curve of my neck, meanwhile my actual head is basically resting on the bed. When I sleep on my side, I hug the pillow, and position the stuffing so that it supports my face, so I'm not pushing my jaw out of alignment with my arm.* And when I sleep on my stomach, I can position the stuffing to push my upper chest up enough so that I'm not squashing my breasts.

            I do not sleep well at all with other people's pillows unless they're as squishy as mine. I have tried all sorts of pillows, and most are just horrible. If faced with a dense, immalleable pillow as my only option, I usually would rather go sans-pillow. But the squishy pillow is my A+ #1 true love.

            * Sbhikes, maybe that's what's happening to you? Maybe you are putting pressure on your jaw in your sleep and the drool is coming out.

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              I slept without a pillow for many years, until I got pregnant and had to switch from sleeping on my stomach to sleeping on my side. I've slept on my side ever since, with a fairly firm pillow supporting my neck and a body pillow between my legs. If I do sleep a little while on my stomach or back I push the pillow away (and put the body pillow under my knees if I am sleeping on my back). I'm having neck/shoulder problems from sleeping on my side, but I'm afraid to switch to sleeping on my back because it increases the risk of sleep apnea or on my stomach because I fear it is bad for my back.
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                Originally posted by isbolick View Post
                Isn't it kind of weird to change your sleeping habits based on something that no one can ever know? I imagine this is pretty individual. If no pillow works for you, it's probably because of the way you are built combined with the position you find most comfortable to sleep in. Not because nobody had a pillow 10,000 years ago. I sleep best with a memory foam pillow and on a 4" thick memory foam mattress pad. Like sleeping in a cloud. No back or hip problems at all after those changes. And I am thinking our ancestors did not have access to memory foam, but they didn't have access to antibiotics, either. Or cars. Too bad for them; I am keeping the memory foam, the modern medicine and the car.
                I tend to agree with you. I'm going to give this pillowless thing a two week test and if it feels good I'll stick with it. If not then its back to the pillow for me. I think sometimes its more important to do what feels right or make sense than to do what our ancestors did. Not eating grains, processed foods, or poison makes sense to me. Sleeping uncomfortably? not a chance.

                Time to give it a go.
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                  I've been trying it mostly or comfort. Some times I wake up from a nights sleep great, but others, no... it varies, so I think my sleeping experiment will have to last a while.