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Need Some anti-GMO help in North Carolina

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  • Need Some anti-GMO help in North Carolina

    Hi all. I posted the info below on my blog this morning. We are fighting the GMO battle her in NC in the most unlikely of places - the Museum of Natural Science. Any help you can give in raising the profile is appreciated! If you go to the Museum's FB page, be sure to scroll down to the Wednesday entry...that is where all the noise is and you can see the history. Or, leave a comment on the Museum's FB entry this morning. Thank you!

    Here is my blog post:

    This debate is heating up (see Monsanto and Others Infiltrate NC Museum of Natural Sciences Tomorrow – Take Action! at Monsanto and Others Infiltrate NC Museum of Natural Sciences Tomorrow) and your comments are needed. The Museum considers Biotechnology Day to be an “impartial” forum. I do not understand this position and strongly disagree. Only industry representatives and industry-funded representatives are presenting, so how can this forum be impartial, especially when it comes to GMOs? Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science other industry reps are the only ones presenting on the GMO topic.

    Where are the Institute for Responsible Technology, the Cornucopia Institute and other groups who are the leaders that bring forth information that the GMO industry prefers not to discuss? Were they invited to Biotechnology Day? I suspect not, but will verify this suspicion.

    You can see the Museum’s position at their Facebook page: If you disagree that industry reps from Monsanto and other companies are impartial, please go to the Museum’s Facebook page and make a comment after reading their position.

    Thank you.