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What's the deal with Raw Food SOS and Denise Minger and Primal?

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    Originally posted by Apex Predator View Post
    That's pretty much a perfect example of "doing it right"- science and personal experimentation.
    I was also shocked that even with all the fruit she only came in around 130g of carbs a day. Nothing extraordinary by any means.

    I may give it a whirl with cooked seafood and the occasional cooked piece of "other meat" because I just can't get past the raw meat thing in my head.


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      Originally posted by Brandon View Post
      Doesn't it boil down to finding what works for your body. I mean everyone is different. Peggy at has an excellent article about this. She eats mainly meat I believe because a lot of fruits and veggies don't do well with her. She has a great story check her out. When Everybody Else’s Prescription Fails, Make Up Your Own | The Primal Parent
      Oh I definitely agree. I did super on Primal for the first month or so and then slowly declined back to feeling just "meh" most days. I'm still looking for the "awesome energy, clear skin, not starving, can eat this way all the time" plan. I really think I ate too much fat back in the day, but I can't tweak that now necessarily because I'm growing a little one. So my fat still needs to remain a bit higher. I need more fresh fruit and veggies, though, I think. And I'm curious if I do raw with the fruits and veggies if that will make any difference at all.


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        And what about all this fat we're supposed to be eating? She eats hardly none based on her list....a little coconut and a few eggs. Isn't she eating High Carb Low Fat...aka...the enemy of Primal?
        The real enemy of Primal is high carb from things like pastries, french fries, candy, donuts, pizza and its polar-opposite: The supposed to be healthy, low-fat antidote. This low-fat antidote turns out to be little pastries without the butter but all the sugar (aka 100 calorie snack packs or breakfast cereal), vegetable oils (you know, because saturated fat is so bad for you) and avoiding real foods like cream or butter (and eating franken-substitutes like non-fat sour cream [huh?]) and avoiding red meat like the plague (because being hungry all the time with skinless, flavorless chicken breast is so much better for you--yeah right).

        Eating fruit and seafood is totally paleo and will keep you in good health. I don't think we are supposed to go out of our way to stuff a lot of extra fat into our diets. I think that's sort of a misunderstanding. We are supposed to not avoid it and choose the best fats when we do eat it.

        I personally don't eat a lot of fruit. By weight and calories, my diet is heaviest in seafood and meat and whatever fats those contain naturally. I add fats for cooking and flavor but I don't go overboard.
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          Only an observation, her diet looks like what you'd find in the caribbean...
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            I actually wish that I could affordably eat more like Denise, but living in a landlocked desert state makes the tropical fruit and seafood a bit too expensive for my current budget. Also, I would cook my vegetables.
            Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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              Originally posted by BryanC View Post
              Only an observation, her diet looks like what you'd find in the caribbean...
              Probably, but I don't think they eat seafood raw. What I do find interesting is except for the juicing part her diet is similar to what Jack Lalanne preached lol. He apparently only ate fish as his protein source and lots of raw fruits and veggies.


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                Originally posted by maurile View Post
                Seriously. What in the world could somebody have against fruit? Is it really that people are still afraid of carbs? Hasn't the idea that a high-carb diet is necessarily bad been debunked enough already?
                Mark Sisson says fat should be higher than carbs, that's why the OP is asking. She didn't attack anything.
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