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Things you are glad to not eat anymore.

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    I'll agree on the tofu front. At BEST it tastes like whatever you cook it with. I do admit I occasionally enjoyed the rubbery, chewy texture of some of the smoked tempeh options, but...come on.
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      Cereals, boxed meals like hamburger helper (always too salty), chicken fingers, pizza. Cakes and cupcakes, pies -- I always ate cake for the icing, but I never really liked cake. Pies were never my deal.

      I don't miss any of it, because all I remember is how awful I felt on them. So enjoy the smell when I pass by, but remind myself how it never tasted as good as it smelled. And nothing beats a coconut milk smoothie or bacon.
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        I'd have to say low fat foods, although it was never that much. I would sometimes opt for leaner cuts of meat and usually went for lower fat dairy. I'm glad I'm not using veg oil for cooking anymore as lard is soooooo much better for it anyhow. And living overseas for 10 years I ate plenty of full fat cheese, pate and so forth.

        I've never been one to eat things I didn't like, but I like a lot of things so whole grains, oatmeal and so on were never an issue as far as preference.
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          Low fat/no fat yogurt. I used to eat it for the probiotics, but... ugh. It tasted like bile to me.

          Full fat yogurt is yummy!


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            I second the person who's glad not to eat skinless chicken anymore. I love the chicken skin now.

            The only faux meat product I ever ate was tempeh. I DO miss tempeh. It tastes meaty both in flavor and mouth-feel -- I think it's supposed to be better for you than tofu ... maybe?

            I'm glad I don't depend on bread and cereal anymore. But I never hated the taste of of my whole grain bread or my totally plain puffed cereal, or plain rice. And oatmeal, holy shit did I like oatmeal.


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              So glad to not be eating bland grains (oatmeal, rice, bread, cereal, etc). I realize just how much I ate watching my roommates continue to do so.

              Also now that I've learned to love 90% dark chocolate, can't imagine going back to weak and super sugary milk chocolate.

              That and low-fat anything. Ugh, it's so annoying now when I can't find a full-fat version of something.

              And I don't miss NOT eating bacon and butter and bacon butter as much as I want.

              Overall, I'm just really amazed by the quality and flavor of the food that I'm eating now, and really SADdened by the lack thereof of what I used to eat.
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                I agree with the oatmeal...I tried and tried to find a way to like it cause I thought it was so healthy, and yogurt, I always wanted to like it, always bought it with good intentions, then ended up throwing most of it away cause I just wouldn't eat it.


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                  Whole wheat pasta or pancakes. Disgusting. Bread, on the other hand, that's what I ate growing up.

                  Tofu and turkey bacon.
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                    Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                    Oh, I know. Corn chips. I realize corn isn't a forbidden food, but I'm never eating corn produced in the U.S. ever again.
                    Actually corn is considered "forbidden"/not Primal. But it sounds like you're going to avoid it anyway.

                    For me: soy milk. Looking back, I can't believe I drank that crap thinking it was better for me than cow's milk.

                    I actually loved oatmeal and used to eat it every morning. A small amount of cinnamon and brown sugar and I was good to go. That and frosted mini-wheats (with the aformentioned soy milk for a while) were my staples for a while.


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                      Oatmeal mixed with protein powder.... this has to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. This was the result of cruising various nutrition-focused boards (it may have even come from the Warrior Diet website way back) and trying to figure out a way to stuff more protein into my diet while getting my 'healthy whole grains' and getting enough fiber.


                      And chicken breast. What fun is a dry, bland-tasting piece of meat? Unless it is chopped up and mixed with mayo and celery and walnuts and grapes, there is no reason to ever eat this. Not even the best cooks I know (and my DH has a culinary degree) can make chicken breast tasty. Yes, the sauce you might smother it in is awesome, but the meat itself is not worth the time I spend chewing it. Give me dark meat EVERY time.


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                        A year ago I decided to try really hard to lose weight. I hooked up with a personal trainer who was a friend of mine who was helping me for free. She was really into low-fat everything and chronic cardio. I had heard of paleo at that point and found it interesting, but was still just learning the scientific reasoning behind it and was not yet committed.

                        I told my friend that I was reading about it and she told me flat out that paleo/primal/low-carb is a bunch of crap, you need carbs for energy, etc. And then she gave me a list of foods to eat if I wanted to lose weight. Here's an excerpt from an old Notepad file:

                        fat free yogurt
                        olive oil or canola oil only, or cooking spray
                        Smart Balance spread
                        fat free cheese
                        fat free everything
                        boneless skinless chicken breast
                        whole wheat pasta/bread/tortillas
                        no beans
                        squash and zucchini
                        no corn
                        carrots in moderation
                        onions, green onions, leeks
                        no white potatoes
                        corn starch for thickening
                        an apple or pear every day
                        brown sugar splenda
                        no peas or lima beans
                        no flour or white flour products

                        Looking back, I don't even see a cohesive thread of logic in these suggestions. Not even from a CW perspective. I have no idea.

                        Luckily I only followed her recommendations (along with the chronic cardio) for a couple weeks before I just couldn't keep it up anymore because I hated it so much.

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                          Frozen convenience meals -- Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, Michelina's, "Healthy" Choice, etc.
                          Fake or low-fat cheeses
                          Steel-cut oats -- tried them a couple of months ago (soaked overnight) and I can honestly say it now tastes like wallpaper paste


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                            Styrofoam ..... aka .... rice cakes.
                            Everything's shiny, Cap'n. Not to fret.


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                              Margarine, popcorn, oatmeal, brown rice, American cheese (gods, that shit's nasty), turkey bacon, chicken bacon, ground chix and turkey, chicken hot dogs, beans (never have liked any form of bean aside from refried in lard and plenty of cheese), hamburger/ turkey/ chicken/ tuna helper, corn any way but grilled(yes, I will keep eating grilled corn on the cob, no, I really don't care if you think it's primal), peas, Buddig lunch meat, low fat whatthehellever, nonfat milk (chalk water), nonfat sugar free Cool Whip, nonfat sugar free Jell-o, and shortening.
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                                Fat Free American Cheese. Might as well peel the linoleum off the floor and chew on it for awhile.

                                Canned green beans. After joining a certain weight loss plan, we'll call it, um, Geight Gatchers, 111 times, I realized that the leader was lying when she said that opening a can of green beans and eating them cold was a great way to get your veggies in on the run. I still shudder at the sound of a can opener.

                                Rice cakes. Who the heck thought it would be a good idea to eat styrofoam?

                                A meal made of fat free american cheese melted over a rice cake with canned green beans on the side. As I eat a nicely grilled hunk of grass fed beef with asparagus topped with pastured butter and chives from my herb garden, I can't believe I ever accepted eating anything less then real.