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traveling - greens supplement - advice?

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  • traveling - greens supplement - advice?

    As I have a BIG salad everyday, It does not seem to be necessary to have a greens supplement in my daily life.

    However I am about to go traveling and may not be able to get all the greens, vegetables etc that I may require on a given day.

    Therefore I want a greens supplement powder or pill as a sort of back up plan. They also include some prety scarce and attractive ingredients that one would like to incorporate into their diet , I would not normally be able to source such ingredients (please look at item ingredients below)

    I used to take the primal greens - Primal Greens | Poliquin Supplements UK

    which has no alfafa that apparently aggravates immune disease, nor does it have sugar or legumes etc

    it includes wheat and barley grass but this is the grass which is meant to be quite benign?

    However i found thsi , nature plus planet organics - Nature's Plus Whole Body Acai Cleanse - Planet Organic

    it has such a vast ingredient base that is very impressive for under 30 pounds, whereas the primal greens are 65 pounds

    I am aware this is not essential for a paleo primal lifestyle, but this could help if I know there are days I wont be able to eat a salad etc , also like i said before there are some very interesting ingredients in these products in particular the nature plus product above.

    However, there are some suspect ingredients such as rice fiber , oat bran,dried barley juice,cooked whole brown rice,sunflower oil (supplying linoleic acid) - i know sunflower oil should be avoided due to high omega 6 levels unless I am mistaken, but its surely a small amount and it claims there is a benefit of linoleic acid? it also has alfafa ? rice bran ?

    is this harmful ? or would you say go ahead and get it?

    It was recommend by a personal trainer who has been paleo for around 10 years.

    thoughts please