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Referring to oneself as "Primal"

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    I've always abhorred the idea of labeling oneself based on your dietary choices. I feel that not only is there a sitgma associated with it ("You're a vegan... where the hell do you get your protein? You must be a hippie!" / "Paleo... so you eat must bacon every day! Do you hate animals or something?") but it's like walking on eggshells with those militant folks on all sides of the dietary spectrum.

    I have some super-duper yoga-teaching bike-riding compost-toilet-owning vegan friends who tell me regularly that vegans who eat honey aren't "real vegans". I feel guilty saying that I'm paleo because I will eat dairy once in a while, but I also feel guilty for saying I'm primal because I don't eat raw dairy. It's like I'm not dedicated enough, mainly because I see how my aforementioned vegan friends tend to bash other self-proclaimed vegans for all sorts of stuff besides honey. Sure, maybe the primal/paleo/caveman world isn't as unstable, but I just prefer to remove the word when talking about what I am... because I"m just me! (In my signature I specifically don't say I'm paleo or primal or whatever; I simply "eat like Grok".)
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      Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
      I think Primal sounds silly so I usually use paleo. But mostly all I do is say "No thank you" when people offer me stuff to eat and nobody ever asks me why so I never have to put any label on myself or explain anything.
      Wait, so good manners and a little social discretion make your life easier? Who knew?!
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        I think, next time it comes up, I'm just going to say, "I eat vegans."

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          Mostly, I just don't eat foods that disagree with me~ yes, I know *there's a pill for that* but I believe my body rejects certain foods for a reason. Oddly, those same foods are on the PB 'no-no' list. Funny how that works. (my body is uber-smart)


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            I use paleo. primal always sounded douchey to me, but paleo is enough of a buzzword that if someone was into it, they would google "paleo".

            case in point, i was on a date and the lady asked "are you a picky eater?" I responded "no, I just eat paleo". She had heard the word before and even if she didn't understand it, she went with it
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              My husband once commented that Paleo/Primal sounded cult-y (with all the no-nos and such). I agreed that I was getting a bit militant about our diet. I also realize that sometimes I come across like a vegan, being snooty, and feeling superior. I have no business being that way, so if folks ask about my weight loss, I tell them, but I don't feel superior anymore, it wasn't too long ago that I was 111 lbs heavier and deep into "eating healthy grains" in ignorance.

              I do say that I eat Paleo, which is still new here, so I'm one of the first.


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                When asked about my "diet" I tell people that I eat clean. No processed sugars and grain free. Also I tell them I don't snack. I know this wasn't part of the original question, but I never feel that I have to explain to anyone how I eat and why. I never try to convert people (except my mom who has health issues) to eating Primal. Imagine if more and more people switch to PB. There will be meat shortage and the prices will skyrocket. LOL!!


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                  I leave the labels out of the discussion, partly because I don't want to have to explain to someone who follows CW what "primal" is. I just say that I cut out processed food and most sugars. That way I generally avoid getting those comments like "so what DO you eat?"