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  • i love the beach here in the winter. on a still day it is awesome and there is always no one there. which is even better.


    • our school holidays are off to a good start. DH and I reworked our budget and did our forward planning, we took DS to an indoor play ground (special treat as it costs us $35 once DH and I have our teas and a family snack) where he had a grand old time, and then this week we need to plan out what we are doing and how -- because it's not fair to keep the kid in the office for the whole holiday.

      Today is a swimming day, too, so that'll be fun.


      • Hi Zoe - long time no see.....

        Glad to hear your holidays are working out well so far. Sometimes those little treats go a long way don't they?

        Just when I thought it couldn't get more dull here, we had a 40 minute power cut. So I had to sit here in the dark and the cold sipping on a veg juice, while trying to read my kindle. Thankfully we're back online now as I had horrible visions of needing to fire up the BBQ to make cups of tea for my resident's!

        Nice little email waiting for me when my computer booted up again, my bonus came through! So I've got enough $$ to pay for those glasses and some to put towards an overlocker I've been eyeing up (mum gave me $100 towards that already). *happy dance*


        • Children bouncing a ball indoors. Must add that to my list of answers for "Why didn't you have children?" LOL I am fairly sensitive to repetitive noises. I can imagine me on a rainy day indoors with a couple of young children. "Mommy is going to go take a valium now and hide in the closet."

          Sea, I also love the beach on overcast and cooler days. When I lived in San Francisco (almost always cool weather), I had an apt overlooking the Pacific for about a year. I would often take my morning coffee, try not to get killed crossing The Great Highway, and drink it on the beach. All bundled up in a sweater. Fond memory.

          Good to hear everyone doing well with the holiday. LL, congrats on the bonus! Waving to Zoebird and anyone I missed.

          Is Gwamma still entertaining family? I miss her.
          "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


          Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


          • i have locked myself in the hallway before and we wont go into my self medication capabilities. it has always made more sense to just keep the person in charge sane LOL
            I would often take my morning coffee, try not to get killed crossing The Great Highway, and drink it on the beach. All bundled up in a sweater. Fond memory.
            i always say the best things in life are free but the petrol to get there isnt!

            yes where are you G? how is it going?


            • To all kiwis....

              Hi guys,

              does anyone know where to find a product called 'inner eco'? It's a probiotic that's supposedly fantastic for...uh, 'moving things along'.


              • hi traveller. i have no idea. if you google it with nz on the end and nothing comes up, you prob cant get it here. i get all my vitamins and stuff from HealthPost NZ | Health Supplements, Natural Health & Skincare


                • Originally posted by seaweed View Post
                  heya Misabi!!!! how are you? i am so loving my vivos!!! i have always disliked the opshop man's music. elevator music LOL

                  Hey Seas, how you doin? ;-)

                  I'm good thanks. Been pretty busy lately, staring at a PC for too long at work, so it's been the last thing I want to do at home in the evening.

                  Glad you lie the shoes :-)
                  They're comfy, but mine are a little "slappy" to walk in compared to vff's, but he'll of a lot better in wet weather!
                  If you're interested in my (very) occasional updates on how I'm working out and what I'm eating click here.

                  Originally posted by tfarny
                  If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


                  • Yes, those little treats do go very well indeed. Swimming today was a lot of fun and DS's little friend is doing great at her swimming. She's 6 months older than DS. Both will put their faces in the water, but she's willing to go down to the bottom, and she has a ltitle swim floaty thingy and she'll put her face in the water and swim around. She does quite well. DS is still struggling, but he can motor around in the pool in his floaty, so long as his face isn't in the water. He's not keen on getting his face wet. But, in a few months, he'll be doing it no problem.

                    DH and I are trying to schedule out the rest of the two weeks, and see how it goes forward.


                    • Just keep at it Zoe. We've found from experience that it really just takes a consistent approach with swimming and then one day (just when you are about to give up!) they get it all of a sudden. It's such a great skill to teach them.

                      Mmmmmm.....just decluttered a bottle of Baileys. I've been very bad!


                      • Glad you lie the shoes :-)
                        They're comfy, but mine are a little "slappy" to walk in compared to vff's, but he'll of a lot better in wet weather!
                        i find they are quite wide fitting if that is the right term but they have much better grip than the vffs which i need on the hills around here. they look alot more normal and are much better protection against all the gravel on the road. especially when you run. i havent worn the vffs for ages other than to dive in and it hasnt rained here for ever other than this week. defintely lmk if you find anymore going cheap.

                        way to go LL! i have had all my bourbon decluttered already so it just me, the coffee and my ayeuvedic cigarettes LOL they are truly mental. hot on the heels of accidentally pouring my last expresso in the house into my cup with a liquorice tea bag in and having to have liquorice flavoured coffee, i then make a coffee and go outside for a ayeuvedic ciggie. they arrived in the post that same day, after i had been shopping so this is my second cup of that day. turns out there is loads of liquorice in them and my coffee ends up tasting of liquorice yet again but smokey liquorice this time LOL


                        • Oh, i'm not teaching them a darn thing. we have basic water safety. after that, the point is for them to play and have fun in the water. I have no concern about them learning or on what timeline.

                          I'm in the water with them for safety, really, and for fun. We have a good time. That's really the point -- to have a good time.

                          DS used to be terrified of water. He had a few little traumas around it, and wasn't willing to even bathe after that. So, we did some homeopathy -- which worked overnight -- and then he would bathe, play in the water, etc.

                          Now, we do the beach (in summers) and we do the pool now for the last. . . what? 3-4 months? And the first few times he was hesitant and wanted to be close to us (in his floaty), and then he just got into doing it and swimming around on his own. Then we invited his friend, and they have a ton of fun.

                          She was also relatively afraid of water, but she's doing quite well with her swimming. And, like I said, no lessons from me. It's mostly about them having fun in the water.

                          So, the fact that htey are learning anything is just a testament to them. . . being kids.


                          • TBH even formal swimming lessons at pre school age are really just about playing in the water, and they just learn around the activities. It's not until much later that they start learning actual swimming technique. Mostly dd in her classes just explores different activities around and in the pool and learns about the way the water and her body respond to these activities. We've been through water aversion with both kids at some stage or another but they eventually figured their own way around it with persistence.


                            • hey i have a question. anzac day. does anyone make biscuits? the kids want some. i am going with these
                              Recipe: Gluten-Free Anzac Biscuits | they will make me ill if i eat them. so i was dithering about making some of these for me and keeping the extras for my bday. dip them in dark choc maybe and i will use coconut oil or butter instead of the macadamia nut oil.
                              Paleo Anzacs : The Healthy Chef – Teresa Cutter


                              • Morning all - Welcome back Misabi - you have been missed !
                                Seas when is your birthday ???????
                                Swimming lessons - very good idea !!!!!!! and if any child is struggling with their face in the water - each night in the bath wring the flannel out over their face. start with a wee bit and then increase slowly till a torrent !!!!!!! (this can take months - but its a great way for them to get used to water on their face).
                                Ma and Pa leave this morning. They are driving back to the Bay of islands. It has been a fantastic visit, and they are down again at Christmas. Along with about 40 other close relatives - I am hosting this christmas.
                                We have had rain every day of their visit, from drizzle to torrential - so a wee bit of a bugger about that, however its about the company you keep - not the weather !!!!!!!!
                                I am hoping to go for a run after they leave, I am in desperate need of some exersize. My book hasn't arrived yet Seas - but hopefully in the next day or two. I have finally managed to get the CC book onto my kindle thou - so yay for that.
                                Anyway guys have the best day
                                G x
                                "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                                ...small steps....