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My odd reaction after a week....

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  • My odd reaction after a week....

    The penny finally dropped earlier in the week when I was reading Paleobirds' thread on calorie counting + high fat/moderate protein. I've been one of the people who added all the fatty good stuff, didn't cut calories and then wondered why it wasn't working for me. Anyway.... I have a real taste for hard alcohol. I can drink it any time, anywhere and love it. A common late afternoon occurance for the husband and I is a minimum of two quite-strong rum and oj's before dinner. Last night, I mixed myself a lovely margarita....which earlier in the week I could toss back happily....and after a few sips it went down the sink because it just wasn't appealing. So husband made me the usual rum and oj. I passed the glass to him after three sips. Just not appealing. Anyone else ever experience this? I'm supposing it's a combination of sudden better nutrition and perhaps better hydration because I'm drinking a lot more water (in place of the sugary hot drinks I fill up on when it's cold) , and my body just doesn't need to search for what it needs in that booze. Whatever it is...I'll take it! Can only be good!

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    I'm glad that thread helped pennies to drop.

    I have completely lost my taste for booze too, even the "sensible indulgence" pinot noir that I used to love. Two glasses of that is hardly enough to get a decent buzz going but it is enough to make me feel like crud the next day and set any diet progress I had been making back by several days. Also, I notice crazy cravings for carbs/sweets for a couple of days after booze, something I never have usually.

    Bottom line. Just not worth it.


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      I figure it can only be good for both hubs and I.


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        Alcohol and other foods are processed differently too. The body sees alcohol as a poison (it might be on to something there) so it moves the alcohol to the head of the line for processing by the liver. But, while your liver is busy metabolizing your booze, any other calories you take in go straight into storages (i.e. your thighs).

        I really think booze holds a lot of people back from making the progress they could be doing on Primal.


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          Yes - my alcohol desire and tolerance have gone way down. I was treated to lunch at a nice place the other day that had lychee martini's. I love lychee and several people at the table ordered them. But I just didn't want one. I did taste someones and enjoyed trying it. But I had a pot of amazing elderflower tea and loved it!!
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            I got on primal when I was 16, which was before my real alcohol debut. Frankly, I have never enjoyed the stuff. Beer tastes absolutely awful, even the stuff that is supposed to be good. There were some energy drinks mixed with vodka that I used to like, but I've now found that they taste much better without the alcohol.

            I CAN drink and enjoy the buzz of a limited amount of strong stuff, but if I drink the same amount in beer or Cider? I feel like crap. I can't even get a good buzz from it. I just get sick and weird in the head.


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              I vowed to stop the booze over a month ago and it was a great decision. I agree it always seems to up my cravings after a few drinks...and it carries into the next day as well. Hoping I can continue to stay away from it. I once avoided it absolutely for over 2 years, had great monthly cycles as a result and was a very healthy weight.
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                i still drink occasionally, but either just vodka with soda (no juice or fruity stuff) or very dry wine.

                it packs way more of a wallop than in my old days, and more than 2 glasses of wine definitely makes me blip up on the scale. am a sommelier, so abstaining totally is not in my cards. however, i do drink much less than in the past.
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