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  • Kidney stone help

    My 31 year old son has had problems with kidney stones for some time and the problem has been getting worse. He has also had gall bladder problem, digestive problems, etc. I have tried to get him on the PB bandwagon but have had little luck.

    Does anyone have expierence with kidney stones and in particular, did PB help any with them? Any other natural things to try would be appreciated.
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    Do you know what kind of kidney stones they are? Are they calcium oxalate stones? Has he had a calcium level tested in his blood and urine?

    I had a kidney stone last year that was stuck for a few weeks - it was hell. They saw 4 stones on the CT scan - I have no idea if any of them have passed. I try to stay hydrated, stay low on the oxalate foods, and I take vitamin K2 now.

    He should have his calcium levels and Parathyroid hormone checked (not thyroid) as well.

    Out of desperation I did try the olive oil/lemon juice cure from curezone (I also tried to coke cure which did not work). I don't know if it was a co-incidence or not but after two treatment with that the stone that had been stuck for weeks finally passed. I had also been sitting in a massage chair for about 45 minutes. The cure doesn't make any sense to me from a logical point of view, but I would do it again in a heartbeat if I get another stone.

    Good luck!!
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