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    You must be either in NJ or on Long Island. We used to live in NJ. We moved once while there, closer to hubby's NJ workplace, and shaved an hour off the ride each way. Did that for a while, and then we asked to telecommute and bailed the state altogether, as it really wasn't worth not ever seeing hubby (or hubby missing his daughters growing up) what with the long work days and then the commute all 5 days, and sometimes week-long travel. If you are going into Manhattan, I feel your pain - I used to commute from Aberdeen NJ to Newark NJ on the NJ Transit, then onto the PATH to the WTC. Originally, I took the Academy Bus line from Freehold NJ all the way in. God, how I hated the Holland Tunnel!

    Anyway, have you ever found out how much sleep you really need? I am perfect between 7 and 8 hours, less and the lack creeps up on me where I need to sleep for 11 or 12 hours every so often, and more sleep and I am sluggish all day. If you are a 7-hours person, I think that you will be fine, especially as you are regularly getting long, deep sleep at home on the weekends and the 6-hours thing only is 4 of 5 days. If you have the opportunity to better the schedule, I would take it as soon as you could, just to reclaim those commuting hours, if nothing else!!

    Mark obviously hasn't lived in the tri-state area. But how are you feeling? Can you do your work without suffering from lethargy? Do you have the energy to do Crossfit as you would like? Are you falling asleep every time you sit down?
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      It is definiteley important to overall health. If you can't sleep straight through the night, try and take naps.


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        Crabcakes, yes I am from LI. In college i dated a girl from Abberdeen, but that was a long time ago but I remember enough that it would not be a fun commute to Manhattan. Honestly, I don't think I need 8-9 hours. If i get 6.5 or 7 hours straight sleep i feel great, energy for the whole day if my diet is in check. I like 8-9 on the weekends but that's more of a treat then a necessity I feel. That's why i was wondering if the 8-9 was a hard and fast rule. If I get less than 6.5 consistently then I will need that 11-12 hour day every so often like you mentioned.


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          Originally posted by fes31129 View Post
          Crabcakes, yes I am from LI. ... I remember enough that it would not be a fun commute to Manhattan.
          Hah! Yes. Born & raised on LI myself, before my dad got a new job in Nassau County, he worked in mid-town and drove (!!!!) there. Needless to say, the commute didn't allow him to nap during it, so he was very familiar with little sleep every night. For some reason, though, my father has always been the kind of person to be perfectly happy and functional on 5-6 hours of sleep. He exercises for at least a half hour ever morning, bikes on the weekends, and still can't stay asleep past 6am!

          I, on the other hand, love sleep. I adore it. I want as much as possible. For me, getting that much sleep requires a few things:

          -Going to bed the same time every night (weekends are a bit different, but usually I get sleepy at the same time I go to bed on weekdays).
          -Having a window open. Listening to nighttime sounds - crickets, wind, a distant trolley, etc. - helps ease me to sleep.
          -Showering at night. I've luckily always been a night-showerer, so this is easy for me to do. If I skip a shower, I definitely can't fall asleep as easily.
          -Exercising at night. I'm not one of those who feels energetic after a work-out; in fact, it's the exact opposite! My nightly routine is make dinner>>eat dinner>>TV time>>exercise>>shower>>zzzzzz...

          I rarely wake up to my alarm; if I do, that's a sign I went to bed too late and my body is like... NEED MOAR SLEEP!
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            Originally posted by Gadsie View Post
            I HATE the fact sleep is so important for health, I'm not good at it. However, even though I don't get enough sleep I think, I still make gym gains, so I can tell you that to build muscle 8 hours is not absolutely needed, though it will help.
            Yeah... you're still benefiting massively from the anabolic hormonal environment that is called teenagerhood in that regard, Gadsie. You might not be able to get away with too little sleep as easily in a few years. Teenage males can get stronger practically just by thinking about lifting weights.

            OP, sleep is very important and chronically getting too little of it WILL have negative effects on your mood, energy, weight, health and longevity. It makes you more likely to be fat and puts you at a much higher risk for all manner of inflammation-related diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes AFAIK. So do your best to change your situation if you find your lifestyle doesn't permit you to sleep!
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