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    Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
    Guess what... some people around here don't have to IMAGINE>

    A. Punch Gadsie in the throat.

    B. Hug Gadsie.

    C. Both... 'cause I have an incurable disease, nay 2 of them!, and yet... I still like to have a good ol' bitch about ridiculous things on occasion. Such is life. Once you figure out that it goes on regardless of the unpleasant crap (read: incurable disease or whatnot), it does just that; goes on in all its minutia!
    Hey, what have you got? I remember it was something with your head? I feel very sorry for you though saying this of course doesn't mean sh*t to you and it's not helping.

    Option D
    Punch everyone saying FML because they lost their favorite dress
    well then