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Body Fat Redistribution?

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  • Body Fat Redistribution?

    Quick Info:

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: ~165lbs
    Activity Level: 4-8 hours slow movement/ week and 3 days heavy lifting along with about once a week metcon style workout that lasts about 5-10 minutes

    I have recently lost a few pounds (haven't checked scale just through my own observations and how everything fits/feels) through caloric restriction eating about 1600-2100 cals/day. The problem seems to be that my stomach, chest, face, and shoulder area seems less fatty but my lower back (love handles and area above my hips) actually looks bigger. Could this be my body fat like moving or something? or could it be water retention? or maybe just that now that I'm smaller, the areas not losing fat appear bigger? Idk what the answer is, but its annoying. I have really wide shoulders and it made a nice shape for my body, however now it seems that my shoulder and my lower back are almost equally as wide (only noticeable without a shirt on) and thats pretty annoying.

    K, I'm done rambling. Anyone experience this with caloric restriction?

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    it's a visual effect of having lost weight elsewhere. love handles and belly are last to go on most men. stick with it!


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      Yes, and it could also be down to expansion of your liver thro' having to detox all the crap that had been dumped in your fat cells which your body now has to eliminate.
      F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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        Originally posted by jakey View Post
        it's a visual effect of having lost weight elsewhere. love handles and belly are last to go on most men. stick with it!
        Thanks Jakey! I thought that it may be just the visual effect but I was still like WTFFFFF! Hopefully the next few weeks/months will improve it all.


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          it's a visual effect of having lost weight elsewhere.


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            I followed Biosignature approach (from Charles Poliquin) for a while and it is based on an assumption that fat distribution has a lot to do with hormonal profile. According to it love handles/fat back are a sign of insulin resistance/carb "intolerance". Low carb strict paleo helped me a lot with it - I had much more fat on my upper body than on my lower body. The nutrition approach in Biosignature is basically very strict Paleo - just veg, meat and good fats, under 50 g carbs, no dairy or eggs - at least in my case as I am egg intolerant. At first I bought into the theory of it but now the preactice seems to confirm it. I have reasonably low BF% (16% - for a woman) and everytime I cheat or overdo on carbs, my lovehandles and back fat increases. My trainer measures me every week, so it's easy to draw concolusions...
            So if you think it's doable, may be try to lower your carb intake/limit your carbs to low carb veg only (no fruit or starchy stuff).


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              Men have more alpha-2 adrenoreceptors (fat cell storage) in their lower back/love handle area than anywhere else in their bodies, which is why when men gain excess body fat, that's where it goes. You guessed it, women have 9 times more of these types of receptors in their hip, belly, and thigh area. So you probably are absolutely seeing that area with a little extra padding while everything else totally leaned out.

              Here's a super detailed explanation of this phenomena:

              Why is Stubborn Fat Stubborn? | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald