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I can hz crm chs?

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  • I can hz crm chs?

    Anyone know where i can get pastured cream cheese wholesale, preferably in Florida?

    I'm a baker (i know, i know...), and i'm trying to switch to all pastured dairy. There are plenty of places around here for butter, milk and eggs, but i can't find cream cheese. And it has to be cream cheese, or at least neufchatel.

    I would just make my own, but that's a tricky proposition for commercial facilities. Additional health inspections, facility requirements, permitting, etc. i'd do it, but the process takes awhile and i'd like to get this ball rolling.

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    Just noticed that we're sorta neighbors...

    Have you tried asking Seabreeze Organic Farm? I don't remember seeing cream cheese on their order list, but they can maybe ask their suppliers if they have any.


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      It's worth a shot. It's just weird that with all the dairy around here, nobody makes soft cheeses. I can tell you for a fact that there would be a market for it - if I'm ever a little iffy about a new pastry, i just shove some cream cheese or mascarpone in it and it sells right the heck out!

      Where in Florida are you? Have you discovered any secret to running sprints in this godawful heat? I mean, really - "real feel" of 111? Not for human habitation!


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        I'm in West Palm Beach as well, but as it is one of the largest counties in America, I think we may only be sorta neighbors.

        I would be really interested to try some real cream cheese. The raw cheddar and mozzarella cheese I get from SB-OF is, whew, it smells like, you know, cow cheese, lol. Raw cream cheese may be a real experience.

        Come to think of it - SB-OF are WAPF people, so they only sell raw cheese. I know a lot of cheese producers are iffy about selling soft raw cheese, so that may be why SB doesn't offer it. But whoever supplies their regular raw cheese may also make a pasteurized soft cheese.

        I only do sprints on the beach - usually when I am chased by a 5yo "sea monster" trying to eat me. Even he gets tired after a few sets. Then we go into the water a bit to cool down. I think that's the only way of doing it without dying, supposing you can outrun the "sea monster" first, of course.