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Birth Control and weight



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  • Birth Control and weight

    Hi Ladies (And gents who have popped in)

    I quit taking birth control at the beginning of the month as my fiance and I want to be poised and ready for baby-making on our honeymoon in a few months. Before stopping birth control I could pretty easily always lose weight but right now it's just not happening. 3 weeks of eating between 50-70 grams of carbs a day, upping my fat, watching my protein and on average getting about 1600-1700 calories a day and I haven't budged. I know that I'm not eating low enough to see anything drastic but normally within a week I would have experienced a 'woosh' of water loss and then started tapping into my fat reserves. Nothing. Literally nothing.

    I'm 31, 5'6" and I'm currently stuck at 165. I have yet to get back into exercising as I have a toe issue that's healing (should be good to go back in a couple weeks though). Though in the past, exercise or no, I'd lose weight.

    Any thoughts?

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    I would not worry about it such a short time after quitting the pill - it will take a while for your body to adjust to the new hormonal reality. Would start a rethink of my diet/routine, if nothing was happening after the first cycle or two (although I can understand the willingness to lose quicker before the honeymoon)