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Weight loss while sleeping

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  • Weight loss while sleeping

    I have begun weighing myself a lot because I'm trying to get to a goal weight of 175 at 5'8" (I'm currently 170). Anyways, I've noticed that I consistently lose 5-7 pounds while sleeping. I've also made sure to weigh after pissing at night and before pissing in the morning. With all this burning of calories into body heat, I can fall asleep with no sheets and no clothes. I don't do that though because it's chilly when I wake up in the morning. Sweating MIGHT play a small role, but I have a hard time believing that I could sweat pounds of water out of my system.

    Has anybody else paid attention to this? I wonder if this is typical or not.

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    There is a mention in this post from Dr. Michael Eades about losing "a couple" pounds through the water vapor you breathe out.
    The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

    Do you get up to urinate during the night? If not, a 5-7 lb decrease seems a little excessive.


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      I weigh myself before bed and when I wake up, and I typically see a loss of 1.2 lbs. 5-7 lbs does seem like a strangely high amount though!
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        Well, there's just plain no way you're burning 17,000-24,000 calories overnight and then replacing them during the day. So obviously most of that weight is not coming from body fat. It's got to be mostly water, but still, that's a big overnight fluctuation.
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          I also only lose 1 to 2 pounds overnight. I think most of it is from breathing. The air we inhale is humidified up to about 95% as you can see outside on a cold day. 5 to 7 seems like an awful lot. Are you in the desert?


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            Change the batteries in your scale.
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              I believe the term for this is "insensible respiration". My weight doesn't fluctuate as much as yours does overnight, but it can fluctuate several pounds. My waist can fluctuate several inches between night and morning, too. I, too, can sleep with minimal clothing and no covers (have had to learn to sleep without covers since I sleep with a cover hog).
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