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Making sense of the numbers, in regards to body fat.



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  • Making sense of the numbers, in regards to body fat.

    Hey everybody. I have had tremendous success on this WOE so far, weighing in at around 85kg (~188lbs) down from 105kg (~230lbs) around Christmas and having been up to about 120kg (265lbs) in the more distant past.

    So far so good! I did some measurements today, and plugged them into a body fat calculator, which told me my bodyfat is 9% (using my height 186cm, weight 85kg, waist 80cm and neck 40cm). I have also measured it with calipers to around the same recently. Now the thing is, this is absolutely not true. You can't see my abs, for instance, and I also have substantial amounts of fat on my butt, hips and thighs. So is there any explanation for why my bodyfat is apparently distributed oddly so that normal calculations get it all wrong?

    I am extremely happy about my results so far, but I just got to wondering if the female-like distribution could be due to hormonal imbalances? Or maybe just past imbalances, that'll likely go away as the last fat vanishes?

    Your thoughts are much appreciated

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    Congratulations on your weight loss, very impressive! The measurement method of calculating body fat is notoriously inaccurate and measuring with calipers should be done by an exercise physiologist using a variety of different skin-fold locations. If you cannot see your abs I doubt very much that you are under 18% bodyfat. The hormonal imbalances could be contributing to your fat deposits and will probably disappear overtime. Make sure you are doing HIIT and HIIRT type of training to boost HGH and Testosterone.
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      It didn't really require me to much of an effort, just following the PB in an 80/20 fashion. I'm sure I could have done it faster if I had been more strict, but then again I would probably have given up very fast, had I been too strict.
      When I manage to avoid stupid injuries I try to do all-out sprints once a week, and three sessions of a 5x5 LHT, so I'm sure the results will keep coming!
      I may have exaggerated a bit about my abs. In profile, you can now see a clear distinction between the abs and the obliques, but you can't see the definition (ie six pack) because of the remaining fat there.

      Thanks for the encouragement in any case