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Stubborn people and refusing to fix health problems

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    Wow, your being fit and healthy makes other people feel bad?



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      Ugh you're healthier and slimmer than your sister so you need to stop and get unhealthy so she doesn't feel bad?! There's something seriously wrong there.

      And OMG I am sick of the people who freak out because primal eating has no grains. ARGH. Like...the weight loss course I went to with my son, they were saying how pasta is a "staple" food, like bread. And yet meat... is not staple. And butter... is verboten! Because something that has been PROCESSED to make it is somehow more of a "food" than stuff that is... well just food.

      Fortunately, I find cooking a primal dinner just looks pretty "normal"... I mean, it's meat and veg! But primal lunches seem less normal (cause everyone has sandwiches, or at least SOMETHING with a grain...) and as for breakfast... If you're not eating a big bowl of "healthy" cereal, then it must be awful!!

      Gah... I hate discussing what I eat with people. I just want people to leave me the hell alone to eat the way I like!


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        I'm with everyone else in regard to your family telling you that your getting fit makes them feel bad and you should stop. Bullshit! Do what makes YOU feel good. If they feel bad b/c you're getting healthy, it's because THEY are jealous or feel guilty that they aren't doing the same. YOU can't control their feelings and THEY can't control your health. Do what's right for you. Lead by example and hopefully they'll come on board.

        Originally posted by doublehelix View Post
        I notice that women who have Fibromyalgia have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and they obsess about it. So they go to doctors who give them pain killers, etc.
        For my MIL, if the info didn't come from the University of Iowa or the Mayo Clinic, then she doesn't believe it. *eye roll* The Mayo has her on a course of action that will eliminate her need for prescription meds... sure enough, she's not taking prescription meds anymore, but last I heard she's using illegal narcotics cooked into brownies to ease her pain... The moment I found that out, our relationship changed SIGNIFICANTLY as I have zero tolerance for drugs. It's really too bad b/c even if I found out she wasn't using them anymore, I think our relationship would still be strained simply b/c of the way I eat and the fact that it "failed" for her... whatever. Don't care. It's not my pain. My pain is gone. (I didn't have fibro, but I had a lot of sciatic issues and back soreness that went away nearly completely since going Primal - not to mention the 37 lbs and 30 inches. )
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