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Food "coming back up" sensation - reflux?

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  • Food "coming back up" sensation - reflux?

    Hello. I have been Paleo "on and off" for just over a year. For the last 4-5 months I have been experiencing a sort of sensation as though something was creeping back up my esophagus and just sitting around the chest level. This can happen at any time not just after eating food or particular foods, it seems random to me. My g.p. told me this is reflux, but I have never actually had any food come all the way up. Also, there is no acidy feeling, I have never had heartburn or indigestion in my life. I also am sometimes having a "taste/smell" come up into my mouth which I imagine is the contents of my stomach, it is a bit funky and grosses me out when it happens. Aside from this my bowel movements are fine and everything else seems normal. I am 29.

    Has anyone had a similar experience after changing to Paleo, or does anyone know about this or have any ideas?

    I also had blood tests, all of which came back normal except bilirubin which was very high. The doc didnt say this was an issue.

    Thanks so much for looking and posting.

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    Are you chewing your food well enough? Eating too fast? Stomach overfilling? I get your symptoms sometimes, and for me, it's usually one of the above.
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