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Crap non-primal parents say that make you want to slap them...

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    Yeah, except that sometimes I just want to read not-good-for-kids books in peace. lol So DH looks at his own books (which have variety and includes his cookbooks (lol!), and it's all nice. But, we have read some chapter books to him or myths that we're reading and the like. . . so he gets that too. If we are driving and reading (which we often do on road trips), then he passes out and wakes up hours later with a question about where ever he drifted off. LOL


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      This is us too. Almost identical (ours is four and a half). There was no screen time at all until he was three.

      Originally posted by zoebird View Post
      We don't own a tv, but we do have computers which we use for work, movies, and downloading. We do let DS watch some tv (some cartoons now and again, some movies, and some cooking shows which he likes. . . he also likes to cook, so. . .). But, it's probably about 5 hrs tops *per week* and nearly always on the weekends or over school holidays when DH and I need to get some work done.

      He spends most of his time running, playing legos, and "reading." (He doesn't read yet, but he loves ot look at his books, and he's starting to identify letters and put together phonics on his own. Pretty cool.). He also sings constantly.

      Anyway, being without a TV is great.
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        Originally posted by aix_sponsa View Post
        Some of these are pretty yikes-worthy! I have one to add.

        I was once at a small family gathering of my ex boyfriend. His cousin, her husband, and their 3 year old son were there. Worst parents ever. They gave him coke to drink... In an empty glass BEER BOTTLE! And he was cussing up a storm as he walked around swigging from his old bud light bottle. They thought it was hilarious that he was drinking from a beer bottle and cussing (he was also filthy). Needless to say, I was horrified. :O Thank goodness I never married into that family!!
        Actually, that is kinda funny if you ask me.

        When I was a kid parents sometimes gave us beer. Not a lot of beer, just a little. Funny thing was it took until I was in my 30s before I could stand beer, but I did like it when I was a little kid.
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          Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
          Growing up, my parents had firm, hard rules with tv, etc. TV didn't come on in the morning at ALL (quickest way to get in trouble, matter of fact.) TV only came on after dinner, so Mom and Dad could watch the news and maybe a family show or something. If we didn't have homework (I rarely did, thanks to being at school 1.5 hrs before it starts and 2 hrs after it ended because I was on my parents' commute) then we got kicked outside to play, told to play quietly in the bedroom, or otherwise left to our own quiet devices. I devoured most of the books in the house (no small feat with that many bookshelves.) My mom caught me reading Clan of the Cave Bear in 5th grade and from then on, if it was on specific shelves, I had to ask before I read it, in case of adult scenes. I was reading Stephen King in 3rd grade, stumbling my way through The Talisman and The Gunslinger.
          This is pretty much me too...
          TV before school was verbotten, PBS was common (the nightly business report, the Friday night wall street shows, british comedy, Sesame Street/Mr. Rogers, etc.), we had a few shows we watched as a family (Mission Impossible and ER come to mind), and I CERTAINLY wasn't allowed to have a TV in my room.... Saturdays I was allowed to watch cartoons or Sesame Street or whatever I wanted until about 10am, when the cooking shows came on PBS.
          My parents tend to watch a bit more TV since their news comes from the tube instead of the local paper (which went out of business in the 90s), and I went through a stretch of having the TV on ALL the time, then subsequently got rid of my TV completely... these days, I have a nice flat-screen TV that's mostly used for internet movie/tv services (hooked up to the PS3 with all its widgets and bluray player, plus we can hook up a computer or phone via HDMI).. I don't watch TV before work unless it's already on (we have opposite schedules sometimes), but I will watch a movie or an episode of something in the evening... my major "screen" issue is the dang laptop (I'm on it right now!). I keep thinking I need to set a time limit on it, especially certain websites!

          I was also a voracious reader; I would stay up until ALL hours, reading by nightlight (I was supposed to be asleep!) - and I wasn't discouraged from reading the "adult" stuff either... honestly, kids are either mature enough to handle the content (though sometimes giggly/curious about it), or it goes right over their heads... unless they feel like they have to hide it.
          These days I have a hard time finding GOOD books that capture my attention... there's a lot of junk out there (and I'd rather play angry birds on my subway commute than read drivelly junk that can't keep me interested... sad, but true)

          Alright, time for that subway commute, where (if I pay attention) I'll undoubtedly see some horrifying parenting skills. *sigh*


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            We watched a lot of PBS and local channels. Never had cable, nor internet. Up until I was in HS in the early 2000s, the computer we had was an Apple IIe. Yeah, I didn't do much on that. We finally upgraded when my grandfather gave us his leftovers when he upgraded. Holy shit, there's a world of difference between Apple IIe and Win95, even when you've been in computer classes at school.
            Nowadays, it's different. I work all day on the computer (thank you programming/ drafting), come home and fiddle around on the laptop with the tv as background noise. Granted, half of the "fiddling" I do is writing my book or applying for jobs, but even so. I'm trying to cut back on screen time and get back to crocheting, sewing and reading as much as I did back then.
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              Originally posted by Drumroll View Post
              Infertility though... Frankly with our population skyrocketing, maybe we could use a bit of a slowdown.
              Absolutely agree!


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                Originally posted by jaye View Post
                Absolutely agree!
                Heh, I hate to say that dietarily and environmentally caused infertility might actually have a handful of benefits for society.

                Especially since my libido was one of the reasons I began the primal lifestyle.
                "The cling and a clang is the metal in my head when I walk. I hear a sort of, this tinging noise - cling clang. The cling clang. So many things happen while walking. The metal in my head clangs and clings as I walk - freaks my balance out. So the natural thought is just clogged up. Totally clogged up. So we need to unplug these dams, and make the the natural flow... It sort of freaks me out. We need to unplug the dams. You cannot stop the natural flow of thought with a cling and a clang..."


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                  We recently learned that our daughter not having a TV in her room (we don't have cable anyway) is strange to her friends. To top it off, we have even been offered an extra TV from one of her friend's parents to remedy this problem.