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Fats and constipation

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  • Fats and constipation

    about how many "grams" should one aim for daily to end the constipation?

    what fat source (coconut oil, flaxseed, olive, tallow ect...) works best for this issue?

    thank you so much

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    Would be wary of recommending "sight unseen" and not knowing anything else. There could be many reasons for that, certainly including (but not limited to) insufficient fat in the diet.

    Flaxseed oil is a bit unstable -- OK in small amounts and if kept refrigerated and used sparingly. Combine saturated and monounsaturated fats. Something between about 40 and 80 % of calories as fat probably covers what most indigenous people eat.

    A little magnesium citrate can get things moving. And eat to nurture your gut flora.


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      personally i wouldn't use fat as a laxative. something aint quite right there. while some people notice a laxative effect from coconut oil, or <insert fat here>, it's not a good idea to rely on that as a laxative.


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        I always know that when I have bathroom troubles, that I need to eat more fat. It doesn't fix it right away/over night/whatever like a pill does, but it helps to keep me more...regular? That sounds so "ew"
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          Are you sure you're constipated and not just making less poo? Are there gas, pain, or other sensations in your lower abdomen? Eating purer food like meat means less poo overall. If you're sure you're genuinely constipated, yes magnesium citrate will fix it. Take it easy, though. It won't take much - maybe 1/2 a teaspoon.

          Are you eating dairy? Drop the dairy for now to make sure it's not part of the problem.
          Are you drinking TONS of water, especially if new to this?

          I'm prone to constipation, especially on SAD. I've learned to avoid dairy almost entirely except for hard, aged cheeses. And if I cheat and have a few slices of the magic endless pizza parade from work, I PAY for it. Apples, sweet potatoes and magnesium save me when I do myself in - for the fiber and electrolytes in the food as well.

          Typically though, people find that if they get out of the gray zone (dairy, too much chocolate and wine, ice cream, etc.) and go strict high-fat primal (meat (and similar - eggs, seafood,bone broth), fruit, veggies, and a little nuts and berries on the side), there's a happier gut to be found. I NEVER have poo problems when eating huge amounts of red meat and coconut milk, tallow, avocados, nuts, etc. Sometimes poultry will stop at the station for a bit, but it always makes it on time, too.

          Adjusting your macronutrient ratios may or may not be helpful, depending on the situation.
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            Jakey- not really looking for a laxative, im trying to get off them right now so i thought having more fats would do the trick....


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              knifegill- oh yah i know im constipated :-?
              i am way too familiar with the feeling in the gut and moodiness i get from it :-(

              i omitted dairy years ago :-) miss it to this day!

              i have redundant colon, makes pooing more difficult and a longer process than anyone else i know, so i need quick and easy bathroom trips. i have not had that...well maybe since i was a child (when i use to have fats and meat but a lot of processed food too).

              I have been vegan for over 20 yrs. due to poo problems but know i need animal foods again. i want to do this right though and not end up worse than i have been.
              That is why i am posing this question of how many spoons of fat a day??
              alone on empty tummy or in my food dishes only etc... ??
              Just how to do the fat thing to where it really helps the bowels run smoothly.


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                If you feel constipated, fruit is good for that.
                Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                  Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                  If you feel constipated, fruit is good for that.

                  Oh, yes, fruit is pretty good. The only reason I am not going that route is due to 2 yrs doing the raw 80/10/10 diet. It really messed me up on so many levels. Aside from that, just one peice of fruit makes me crave sugars all day long. It took me sometime to break out of that addiction. I think I am going to have to go lower carb. Highe fat. I also ended up with dental problems from the High fruit diet ;-(

                  But yes to people who can use fruit, I would say its the best for constipation..


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                    it's not a good idea to rely on that as a laxative.


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                      Anyone else use super strong coffee (like a mug of espresso) or really, really high caffeine tea for this?


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                        Getting off laxatives takes awhile and in general isn't a cold turkey process. When you've been helping peristalsis artificially for a long time, it takes the body awhile to get back to doing the job on its own. So, decreasing laxatives slowly is less painful than stopping all at once.

                        Fluids are important. Coffee does help some people, as does a mug of warm tea or soup. Maybe keep a food journal and have a code for days when you went more easily than other days? In that way you can see what foods or combinations of foods or even the timing of meals and how that affects you.

                        Maybe a gentle walk after big meals? Not strenuous exercise, just a 10 or 15 minute stroll.

                        If you are in the process of both changing your diet and decreasing your reliance on laxatives, you may have a little discomfort for awhile. Stressing about it may make it worse. Take a book in when you go. Don't worry about how long it takes you unless it is so excessive that it interferes with your life.

                        Eventually balance will be key. After relying on laxatives for a long period of time, it's normal to go for the one food, or fat, etc. that will get you to go. Because you've been relying on one thing (the laxative) for so long. It's a mindset.

                        Good luck.
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                          I was a SAD sufferer of consties, and when first going primal had a few "hard" weeks which were not pleasant. Up the magnesium, and work on the gut flora to rectify. As others have said its not a quick fix and took me six or so weeks... but everything came together and is no longer an issue.

                          I went cold turkey into primal, so if there is a favoured food that usually helps you (such as bran), perhaps keep having a small serving every day, then every other day until your comfortable.
                          I'll be back


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                            Thank you so much,this is all great info and encouragement!

                            Coffee is too drying for me, but I know a lot of people like it for that reason.
                            I like the idea of a food source rather than a suppliment to help the bowels work better. But after fiber menace I am weary of fiber,more pain Than it is worth.

                            This is why I asked the fat question, thinking it should keep the stools soft so one does not need magnesium or a stool softner from the drug store. But if I am wrong let me know.

                            You sharing that the first weeks are rough in this area and it will pass helps keep me going rather than throwing the towel in


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                              Quick question....
                              If one just eats meats (rare-how I prefer meat-seems easier to digest) along with fats Only (like avocado, olive,butter and oils) will this make BM's easier?
                              I don't feel great after fiber but always thought is was necessary for colon to move out waste?
                              Sorry that may be two Q's...