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  • School books?

    I have my degree in nutrition and still have all my text books. I am wondering what I should do with them? Can I make any money anywhere on older editions or should I just give them to Goodwill? Also, would you keep the Anatomy & Physiology ones? I'm not sure at this point I'll end up with a career in nutrition and if I do I will have to back to school and will have to get new text books anyway, right? Any reason to keep them?

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    I recycled all of mine that I could not sell. New editions are always being printed so if you are not selling them in a timely manner they are usually obsolete, at least in my experience.

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      You could try selling them on eBay or if your school does not do buy-back.
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        Keep them for reference. I still have my engineering texts for that reason. Get rid of them and you'll wish you had kept them.
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          I'd at least keep the A&P one...but I tend to hoard books, so I'd keep all of them...
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            I have all of my old college textbooks. I kept them because the University got newer editions rendering them obsolete. I think I will probably still read them one day.

            For now. I put all of them in a cheap back pack I got from Walmart. I put the backpack on (now 25 pounds) and do pull ups, pushups, dips, squats. Makes for a great workout.