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    Originally posted by ATTAACK View Post
    I used to be a member at a nudist resort and really loved the time I spent there. It's hard to explain, but when you are in that environment, you see people differently. Of course there may be some initial shock, but the feelings you think you will have are often not there. There is little, if any, sexual arousal despite there being nakedness everywhere. Yes, you see all the parts, both beautiful and not, but when it's everywhere you look it loses its "specialness" for lack of a better term. I often describe it as the way you look at someone's hands; after a while you begin to see another's genitals as being no more special than their hands. Also, simply staring at genitals gets really old because they all kinda look the same... like hands. So once the novelty wears off, you begin to see the people around you and engage them very differently than you otherwise would. I have never met more open, friendly people anywhere else. I hated leaving that place and going back to my regular life. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try at home with your family or friends.

    I completely agree. We have a great (totally legal) nude beach here in SD.

    How about if we have a "PrimalCon South" for everybody who didn't get a ticket before it sold out?